Brrrrr! Am I Living in Florida?

Maybe this pup is an exaggeration of my morning experience when I went out to get the newspaper from the driveway.  But, for South Florida, it was chilly – in the high 50’s.  I guess I’m trying to be sympathetic about the parts of the US that are reeling from the terrible cold and storms.

Watching the weather reports, and listening to all the flight delays, makes me happy about the fact of where I live.

Still didn’t get any email from WordPress re the disappearance of my colorful background for my theme; however, hopefully, this problem will be solved – one way or another.  I might have to completely change my theme, if there is no fix.  I found out the theme, Malata, is no longer supported.  It’s about 2 years old.  Well, things could be worse, right?

Happiness is found in many forms, of course – each to his/her own.  One of my happy moments is when I treat myself to SHRIMP.  Had some today for lunch.  Love those curvy, ridged, headless, tail-on pieces of white flesh.  Don’t know why.

It’s almost like an addiction – sort of like chocolate.

Happy moments pop up when least we expect them.  Today, I’ve enjoyed several.  Got an unexpected phone call from a long-time friend.  It was good to hear her voice and we did some needed catching up.  Left me with warm feelings.  Daughter’s phone call cheered me up.  One of my favorite sounds in this world is hearing her voice.

You know, happy doesn’t have to be exciting.  Sometimes it comes from little seemingly unimportant things.  Sometimes we don’t realize they happened until we think back and remember what happened in the day.  Today was a happy day for me.  I hope it was for you all.


7 responses to “Brrrrr! Am I Living in Florida?

  1. If it’s any consolation, as someone from a city reeling from the cold, I have no sympathy for your 50 degrees at all.
    (Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer. For both of us.)


  2. I’d like to have sympathy for you in Florida but I’m writing from Nova Scotia where it’s been -30 with lots and lots of snow (including a blizzard this past Friday and a snow and freezing rain storm on its way this evening) – and I’m stuck, for the second day, in the office with no heat and the AC stuck on (due to a power outage tripping the thermostat). Picture this chick cranky and cold with icicles hanging from several orifices.


    • Ugh, Sandy, I can’t imagine the suffering you are going through! OMG. Is this weather normal? Or is this some freak of nature? It’s hard to imagine your situation. Please let us all know if you are going to be OK.


      • Hahaha. All is well here in NS. The rain and +12 temperature yesterday melted quite a bit of snow – although we’re back to below freezing with snow in the forecast today (and an icy drive to work this morning). But I have heat in the office, worked up a warm sweat at the gym last night and have friends and family to warm my heart. (Ahhhh….your cheese for the day.)
        Life is grand.


  3. Oh, so glad that you are OK and have heat finally. I hope that “all’s well that ends well” will be your catch-phrase when this is all over.


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