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Grieving Mama Cat Who Lost All Three Babies Matched With Three Abandoned Kittens

Beautiful story of a new mama who lost her babies.

Going With The Flow

Favorite spots seem to keep changing. I think this one is a keeper!

Pussy Cats 3

Pussycats 3 is a busy place.  The three of them are continually changing their preferences.  I noticed Romeo seemed to want to spend more time lately on the couch (he’s smart) than on my desk (it gets crowded many times as you have seen in previous posts).  So, using good ol’ human ingenuity, I solved that problem.


Romeo 2

Romeo 3

The towel did a good job of keeping all that fur off the couch (Romeo prefers the towel now); however, there is another positive result in using the towel:

Romeo 4

Now, Rusty has the desk all to himself!!

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Vaccines cause autism, says confidential document from corrupt drug company

Where there’s smoke, there’s most likely fire.

NYC Police DON’T Kill a Black Guy

Now, this is the type of police work I like to hear about. Maybe we should send our police recruits to Sweden for training??

The Old Liberal

In one of the weirdest stories on the interweb this week we see the NYC police in action.

There is a fight on the uptown 6 subway and the conductor calls for help. Four cops, not in uniform , immediately respond. They subdue both of the apparently homeless black guys who are fighting. Since the cops are not carrying weapons they have to use their BARE hands. But they get the job done.

No choke holds. No tazers. No guns drawn and fired. Using only their wits and training they stop the fight and hold the men down until more help arrives.

While one of the combatants yells and screams the police CALMLY settle him down. The police keep their cool. Defusing the violent situation. One cop can be heard calming reassuring  a combatant as he holds the man in check and tries to calm him down. No punching. No…

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Oops! Sorry I Woke You, Patches

In my opinion, Patches is beautiful whether sleeping, half-awake or fully awake!!

Pussy Cats 3

I guess I wasn’t quiet enough.  I wanted to take a photo of Patches while she slept – she looked so beautiful!  But, she caught me as I caught her, half awake.


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Hip Surgery and ME: Society Has It Wrong

Thoughts About M.E.

I am proud to share a note that my husband, Ed Burmeister, wrote last week. He initially posted it on Facebook only where it received a lot of attention and was shared more than 250 times. It really resonated with the community.

Therefore, I talked him into allowing me to post it here as well. I am blessed to have such a supportive and loving spouse.

Last Wednesday, I had a complete hip replacement.  It was a short procedure (1-1/2hours). No general anesthesia required.  I was out of bed the day of surgery and home after two days.  On Monday, I started driving again and really could have done so on Saturday already. Yesterday, I returned to work. I was comfortably working away, largely free of pain.  I walk without a limp and with no assistance and am pretty much unrestricted in my activities. I never needed narcotic painkillers after…

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One Of Rusty’s Favorite Relaxation Cushions: Newspapers

Newspapers – sometimes the best cushion.

Pussy Cats 3

When I’m in the kitchen, Rusty likes to be near, and it doesn’t matter where he parks himself.  This time, he found a wonderful cushion of newspapers.  Feels just right.



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Romeo Knows How To Relax

Pussy Cats 3

How could I forget about Romeo when it comes to having a conversation about relaxation?  He’s one of the most experienced on that subject.

"Mr. Handsome" is no slouch in the relaxation department. “Mr. Handsome” is no slouch in the relaxation department.  A more frequent favorite place is on Mom’s bed in the afternoon.

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How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Editor Interface

So glad I found your post on this. Thank you for solving this problem for so many of WordPress bloggers who don’t like the new editor!! 🙂

Diary of Dennis

classic editor wordpress

The Solution To Use The Classic Editor

If you are blogger at, this post here will help you to solve a big problem. As you have noticed, the decision makers at WordPress want to force you to use the recent new editor interface that is purely designed for mobile devices and for users who only create short-form content. This is of course a pain if you are desktop user and if you like to create long-form content as well. In this post you will learn how to get back to the classic editor permanently.

In the new editor form, we had a link back to the classic editor but that link is now gone too. WordPress does not have the intention to give us the link back as you can read here in the forums. If you go through this huge forum thread, you will find out…

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Chef’s Food Truck Is Her Prayer

Chef Joan Cheever has been feeding the homeless in San Antonio TX, once a week since 2005.

She has been ticketed for her illegal activities, which carries a $2,000 fine, and plans to fight this at her court appearance in June.

Chef Cheever is cited for feeding the homeless in San Antonio TX.

Chef Cheever is cited for feeding the homeless in San Antonio TX.

How is she going to fight it?  What is her argument?

Religious freedom.  This is her way of praying – to help the needy.  Yes, this is the first time I’ve read about using this argument for a citizen’s activities for a good purpose.

The officer who gave her the citation told her, “If you want to pray, go to church.”