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Memories of a Time Past: Part 5

I grew up in Brooklyn NY (Yay!)  When an ice cream vendor turned onto our block, and we kids heard the bells, there was pandemonium on the street.  All the kids went running home to get money.  And, we were afraid that the truck would pass us all by, by the time we got back outside with ice cream money.  It was an ice cream frenzy going on!

There was Mister Softee;

Mr. Softee

There was the Good Humor man;

My favorites were the toasted almond bar and the one that had the real chocolate in the middle (can't remember what it was called).

My favorites were the toasted almond bar and the one that had the real chocolate in the middle (can’t remember what it was called).  I’m still a sucker for chocolate.

And then there was Eskimo Pie!

Eskimo Pie

Sometimes there was a guy who sold a non-descript ice cream and pedaled a three-wheeled bike with this huge freezer box on the front end (and sometimes it was an Eskimo Pie vendor).

ice cream bicycle

and Bungalow Bar!

bungalow bar

The Bungalow Bar truck was designed like a bungalow cottage with a roof and chimney, and a gate for a door. Even though I preferred the flavors of the Good Humor, I enjoyed the Bungalow Bar truck better, because it had more “character.”  The man was nice, too!


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Brrrrr! Am I Living in Florida?

Maybe this pup is an exaggeration of my morning experience when I went out to get the newspaper from the driveway.  But, for South Florida, it was chilly – in the high 50’s.  I guess I’m trying to be sympathetic about the parts of the US that are reeling from the terrible cold and storms.

Watching the weather reports, and listening to all the flight delays, makes me happy about the fact of where I live.

Still didn’t get any email from WordPress re the disappearance of my colorful background for my theme; however, hopefully, this problem will be solved – one way or another.  I might have to completely change my theme, if there is no fix.  I found out the theme, Malata, is no longer supported.  It’s about 2 years old.  Well, things could be worse, right?

Happiness is found in many forms, of course – each to his/her own.  One of my happy moments is when I treat myself to SHRIMP.  Had some today for lunch.  Love those curvy, ridged, headless, tail-on pieces of white flesh.  Don’t know why.

It’s almost like an addiction – sort of like chocolate.

Happy moments pop up when least we expect them.  Today, I’ve enjoyed several.  Got an unexpected phone call from a long-time friend.  It was good to hear her voice and we did some needed catching up.  Left me with warm feelings.  Daughter’s phone call cheered me up.  One of my favorite sounds in this world is hearing her voice.

You know, happy doesn’t have to be exciting.  Sometimes it comes from little seemingly unimportant things.  Sometimes we don’t realize they happened until we think back and remember what happened in the day.  Today was a happy day for me.  I hope it was for you all.