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That Is Love

A wonderful short and to the point explanation of true love.

Bree Newsome Speaks For The 1st Time After Taking Down Confederate Flag from State Capitol

I applaud this young woman’s courage in recognizing the wrongs, in her opinion, committed against people of color, and doing what she deems as the right thing. She knew the outcome: arrest; but felt so deeply to “right a wrong” in her opinion, that she took the chance.

Florida Regulates Our “Grand Old Flag”


I just recently found out that my state of Florida has a bill which will become law on July 1st, named, “All-American Flag Act.”  It requires our state, counties and cities to purchase U.S. and Florida flags that are manufactured only in the USA, and made of domestic fabric and materials – nothing imported.  Before this bill, we were waving United States of America flags that were made in China!!

There is a similar rule which currently exists in Florida, and that requires our public schools to fly our national and state flags outdoors.  Also required is that there be a U.S. flag in every classroom.  I can’t imagine our children pledging their allegiance to our national flag, without there being one for them to look at while they pledge.  This rule is quite redundant.

But, I have to give our Florida legislature some credit for passing laws to show how patriotic we are  – after all.

Seriously, folks, I wish you all a great celebration on the birthday of our country.  Enjoy and be safe!

Thanks To Jim Obergefell, Lead Plaintiff


Same Sex Marriage is Legal in all 50 States


Bans on Same-sex Marriage is Unconstitutional

An historic day in America

.Jim was interviewed by CNN’s Pamela Brown and said, in part:

“I don’t feel worthy…it’s hard to let it sink in.”

His decision “was based on Ohio’s refusal to list my name on the death certificate of my husband, John.”

President Obama called Jim on his cellphone, congratulated him, and said, “You have helped change our country.”

After a few minutes, President Obama made a statement from the White House on the same-sex marriage Supreme Court decision.  Parts of his statement, as I took notes while he spoke, follows:

“A thunderbolt…guarantees more equality…equal protection under the law…ends patchwork system of legal marriage in some and not in others…offers same-sex couples dignity…victory for Jim and other plaintiffs and gay/lesbian couples and their children to have respected lives…victory for America…we are all free…seemed slow for so long; shift has been so quick…for all our differences, we are one people…how you love and who you love is possible now…we’ve made our union a little more perfect…this is the consequence of small acts of courage of millions of people across decades who stood up and came out…who love their children…believed in themselves and who they were…ordinary people do extraordinary things.

America should be very proud.”

Yes, indeed.

Amid All The Issues Before Congress, Marijuana Has Made A Step Forward


Marijuana’s path toward a potential federal approval or decriminalization has not been easy and signs of further difficulties are apparent.  It could be years before researchers and drug companies feel comfortable with the results of their completed trials and experimentation and those in the future. As you might be aware, the cannabis these drug companies use for their experiments are provided by our Federal government which is grown in VERY SECRET farms.

One pharmaceutical company has discovered in excess of five dozen cannabinoids it hopes to use to help cure a number of chronic and/or serious diseases.


Due to the fact that our Federal government lists marijuana as an illicit drug, and until that changes, the research by drug companies will basically slow down because of the legal stumbling blocks in their path, and more importantly, the costs.


Surprisingly, Congress, just recently passed legislation that hopefully, will protect businesses that legally sell marijuana in states that have passed marijuana legislation, from any interference and/or prosecution by federal agencies.

Is there an important possible stumbling block to becoming law?  Yes.  The bill passed by Congress has to be signed into law by President Obama.

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Romeo Has His Moments

Romeo shows off his “crazies.”

Pussy Cats 3

Romeo will come running into the family room on occasion and jump onto the “A-frame” cat furniture and lets out all his frustrations.

I finally caught his antics.

romeo 4


romeo 6


romeo 3

romeo 8

romeo 9

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Will’s Great Happiness…No Longer In A Cage.

The lion in this video has finally been let out of his cage. Watch his reaction.

Pussy Cats 3

I was brought to tears, watching this old circus lion frolicking in his first taste of freedom from his cage.  He is ecstatic.  It’s the first time he has experienced grass and other objects on the ground.  He enjoyed this new life in the sanctuary for five years before he died of old age.

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Considering the Emergency Room? Here Are Some Pointers to Keep in Mind if You Have Chronic Pain.

Here’s some very good ER advice for people with chronic illness and suffering pain.

Finding Out Fibro

What to Do When You Have to Resort to the Emergency Room (When You Have a Chronic Illness)

A trip to the ER is no fun, no matter how you spin it. When you’re a chronic pain patient or someone with a chronic illness that can cause bouts of severe pain, it can be a complete and total nightmare.

A patient with chronic pain can help the Emergency Room staff to understand that their medical problems, especially pain, are a legitimate emergency by following a few guidelines and suggestions that will lessen some of the unpleasant drama of going to the ER.

Always bear in mind that the Emergency Room is a last resort, and Urgent Care will almost always turn away a patient with a chronic illness. Hospitals are so wrapped up in covering their asses legally that they have started turning away chronic pain patients much like Urgent Care does…

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An 18-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome Is Setting Out to Change the World

Madeline Stuart is amazing. She has Down Syndrome and is accomplishing one dream after another. Read her story:

Kindness Blog

Madeline Stuart is an 18-year-old aspiring model, and she’s here to challenge society’s rigid definition of what “beautiful” is.

Madeline Stuart

Madeline, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, has Down syndrome.

She writes on her Facebook page that she believes;

“modeling will help change [society’s] view of people with Down syndrome.”

“Exposure will help to create acceptance,” she says.

Madeline StuartAccording to WPVI-TV, Madeline struggled with her weight as a youngster. Thanks to healthy eating and exercise, the teen lost 45 pounds. Madeline now dances, swims and does gymnastics and cheerleading.

Madeline Stuart
Madeline’s mom, Rosanne Stuart, said she hopes her daughter will inspire other individuals with Down syndrome to make similarly positive lifestyle choices. Studies have suggested that children with Down syndrome are more prone to be overweight.

“People with Down syndrome can do anything,” Stuart told Buzzfeed. “They just do it at their own pace. Give them a chance andyou will…

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I Was Of Good Cheer This Morning Upon Awakening, Until….

Charleston SC.  A giant pall settled over me as I viewed the horrible news on CNN.

A great sadness for the families and for all the victims and all whose hearts they touched.