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Would You Believe…


…this is a houseboat in Iceland?

houseboat in Iceland

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Today Is A-Frame Day

Romeo likes a change of scenery once in a while. Don’t we all?

Pussy Cats 3

It is rare when Romeo decides to look at the room from a different angle.

Today, he has decided to do some “overlooking” from the A-frame tree.



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First New Visitor Of The Season


You probably all know by now that I am very fortunate to have my house back onto a lake (a small one), but lots of birds seem to enjoy it.  I don’t know who enjoys it more – the birds or me.

Yesterday, the first visitor of the Fall season appeared – one of my favorites.  It was the Small Blue Heron.  That is his official name.  He has to have this differentiation because we have the Great Blue Heron, which is MUCH BIGGER.

This smaller heron is gorgeous when seen up close, and especially in sunlight.  His feathers are an iridescent dark blue, and the sun makes the colors bounce and dance, and it is really spectacular.  His beak is a greenish yellow as are his legs.

So, here is the very lovely early visitor:

first fall sighting of small blue heron

In order to get a better look, please left-click on the photo.  That will help.  Thanks.

Please pardon the poor view.  It took me less than a minute to get my camera and shoot, and during that time, he moved closer to the edge of the lake and then disappeared altogether as he meandered, searching for delicious insects and maybe a fish or two.

I’ll keep watching and try to get a better view next time.  🙂


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A Milestone!


I received a surprise notice from the WordPress watchers behind the scenes.


Boy, time flies when you’re having FUN!!!  😀

Ten Enjoyable Cat Commercials

Very entertaining. Must love cats!!

Pussy Cats 3

Found on Youtube.  Enjoy!

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You’ve Heard Of the Tortoise And The Hare?


Well, here we have the tortoise and the lizard!

I’m starting to go into the guest room more frequently in the mornings now, because when I look out the window, I get surprises.

The tortoise is fake, but the lizard is real.

The tortoise is fake, but the lizard is real.

Left-click the photo to enlarge it and you will appreciate how the tortoise’s head seems to be looking straight at that lizard.

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The Lizard

Romeo really missed the boat (lizard) on this one!

Pussy Cats 3

Romeo made himself comfortable on the windowsill behind my display screen.  It’s one of his favorite places, especially when no one else is there!

All of a sudden, I noticed a lizard (very popular in South Florida), moving around on the window screen.  Grabbed my handy-dandy camera, and took a few.  I was wondering if Romeo would notice the lizard.  It was running all over, having a ball.

Romeo finally woke up and took notice.  But before he could follow it and have some fun, it ran out of sight.  Something like that squirrel Romeo missed a few weeks ago, when he was on the patio.

lizard 1

lizard 2

lizard 4

lizard 5

lizard 6

lizard 3

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Worth Waiting For

Beautiful thoughts and so true. Thanks for this post.

Jessie Jeanine

Just when we think we can’t wait any longer…
We find something worth waiting for.

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A Friendly Grooming

Romeo and Rusty are real good buddies.

Pussy Cats 3

Rusty is a very loving little boy, as I mention occasionally.  He isn’t loving to only humans; he’s also loving to his buddy, Romeo.

Romeo certainly isn’t complaining.  He is relishing it!

BTW, Romeo NEVER returns the favor.

mutual grooming

mutual grooming 2

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Happy, Happy, Happy!

Thank you for this superb post. You are so supportive. Wonderful advice.

Jessie Jeanine

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