It’s One of Those Days!

You probably know about these types of days.  It’s not easy sometimes, to find a happy morsel hiding behind one of those 18 or so hours, and snuggling behind for dear life!  Well, this was one of them.

It started off not too badly – in fact, I fell asleep finally, after twisting around for over an hour.  The mind kept very busy.  OK.  Did the usual morning chores (too tedious to go into), and then got onto the computer.

Got an email from daughter – there’s a problem with her blog – her email and mine got mixed up somehow after she changed the email address from mine to hers.  Anyway, I figured the best way to fix the problem was for me to get a new email address for mine – which I did.  That did fix that problem.

Well, you know about the proverbial snowball, right?  I’m sure you’ve heard that one. While I was inserting the new email address into my blog info, I decided to also change title of the account to what I would prefer.  Guess what?  I now have 2 blogs.  I really wanted only 1!  And in the process, the new one has a default theme, and the theme where I have my blogs and those precious comments, is hung out like laundry on a line.  It’s all white (as you undoubtedly can see)!  The original background is gone!  Speaking about STRESS! BTW, if the glare of all this white is making it hard to read, (even I’m having a little trouble), press the CTRL and the + key to make the text larger.  That works.

So, I spent most of the day trying to get things back the way they were before, but to no avail.  I probably made it worse.  At this moment, my request for help to WordPress is “flying through cyberspace as you read this. We will get back to you as soon as we can.”

Believe it or not, I did have some good and happy time this afternoon; although it took some doing.  A therapeutic massage and a chiropractic adjustment will do it every time!  Ah yes, the good life!

3 responses to “It’s One of Those Days!

  1. Well, at least you got some time for yourself at the end.
    I have no idea why I got out of bed today, but I really shouldn’t have.


    • All’s well that ends well? We’ll see what WordPress gurus can do. I just have to think about that massage, and the corners of my mouth turn up.


  2. That therapeutic massage – liked the idea so much I scheduled one for myself! Have to wait until next week, but it will be worth every minute! Hope your tomorrow goes better!


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