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Caught In The Act Of…..Grooming!

Grooming again? Don’t you have something else you could be doing?

Pussy Cats 3

Of course, we know how cats love to groom.  They spend many hours of the day slee… er, grooming.

Today, we have Rusty and Patches “doing their thing.”  And I caught them in the act!


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Rest In Peace, Alison and Adam

rest in peace

My heart is sad, as so many others are.  The news coverage has been extraordinary for two extraordinary young people.

Just want to state my sadness over this terrible tragedy.  Their loves, their families, friends and co-workers are in my thoughts.

When are our “representatives” going to wake up and NOT think about their greed and dependency on the NRA lobbyists?

It is past time to pass intelligent gun laws that will make it nigh onto impossible for sick, deranged maniacs to buy guns.


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Aren’t Birds Supposed To Eat Fish?


Many times, we come across a scenario that defies nature.

I’ve posted this under the category of “Kindness” as well as others.  Birds can show kindness in the most unexpected way.  You will experience this when you view this video:


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Shake On Command

Patches loves to “shake.” They all do. There’s a reward!

Pussy Cats 3

All three of my cats know how to respond to the command, “Shake.”  I finally was able to get a photo of Patches obliging me.

Isn’t she sweet, or what?

shake 2


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Gathering Of Birds In The Morning


Yesterday, I published the photo of the reflection of the palms in the lake behind my house.  The water was so still.

Today, I have another photo to share.  Three different bird pairs have decided to gather on the grass behind my house.

In the shade, are the White Ibis, and a pair of ducks.  In the sun, looking for a snack, are two Limpkins.

This is the first time I’ve witnessed pairs of three different kinds of birds at one time here.  They are smart – looking for some relief from the hot sun.

To better see the ducks who are hunkered down in the grass, click once on the photo, and the scene will be magnified.




We’re in the “crazy, lazy days of summer,” here in South Florida.  The mornings are usually the same.

As I looked out of my bedroom window at the start of my day, the scene through it was the same as yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before that.

Why not share this peaceful sight?  Out came the camera.



The Thing In A Bag, Starring Patches

Be careful!…or that “thing” might get you!!

Pussy Cats 3

I was rummaging through a drawer yesterday, and came across a toy that I had forgotten about.  It’s the infamous “Thing In A Bag.”

Patches seemed interested.  Take a look:

[Taken with my iPhone]

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Memories of the Snowstorm – Winter 1956-1957


My Mom and sister had gone on ahead with some friends earlier in the day, and my Dad waited for me to finish my classes on Friday, at Kings County Hospital School of Nursing.

hospital 2

It had started to lightly snow in Brooklyn when I got into the car on that cold, blustery early evening.  We had a long trip ahead of us, and Dad told me that he was glad that Mom and Merry went on ahead, because he was a little uneasy about what was expected along the way, weather-wise.  But, he was confident that we would make it.  I think back now about that remark, because I’m not sure if he said it to reassure me or to reassure himself.

We were headed into the Catskills.  There was a place that we had gone to before, so Dad knew the way.  Good thing.

Of course, we were caught in the Friday evening traffic – although, it was lighter than it would have been; probably due to the weather forecast.  But, we got onto the highway after going through Manhattan, and we were on our way for an enjoyable weekend outing!

As soon as we got onto the mountain roads, things changed.  The snow was coming down very heavily, and the wind was pushing it at the windshield.  The wipers couldn’t go fast enough, and I don’t know about Dad, but I was very nervous.  He was quiet, so I guess he was feeling the same way.  We could hardly see.  We were blindfolded.

snowstorm 1


snowstorm 5



Fortunately, there was no problem with the car itself – Dad believed in taking good care of the quality engines for his vehicles; however, it was too bad that the weather didn’t believe in good quality, human-friendly weather at that time.  We forgot to put in our reservation for that.

We had some breath-holding moments, for sure, but after about 3 hours, we finally arrived safely, if not very tired, at our destination:  Rosenberg’s Hotel.

snowstorm 3

The cheapest one around:  only $5 per person, including clean rooms, clean toilets, and brunch and dinner each day.  We all had a ball!

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Cactus Flowers – Before and After

This morning, I happened to go into the front guest room and looked out the window (I’m nosy at times) to see if there’s any action outside.  Going out to spend some time in the off-chance of meeting one of my neighbors is not likely at this time of year in South Florida.  We venture out just to go to the store or to meet friends or family for lunch or dinner out.

I thought my eyes caught something unusual in the landscape bed.  Looking again, yes!  Flowers were popped out of the big old cactus.  It’s more than 10 years since that had happened!!  I must take photos of that.

Grabbing my handy little camera, out I went.  The heat and humidity that greeted me was like running into a wall.  No wonder I’ve almost become a hermit lately!

The following 4 photos show the “after” photos, which I took today.


cactus 4cactus 1cactus 3cactus 2

The next 4 were taken 10 years ago.

Cactus Flower-Second One-2005-3Cactus Flower-Second One-2005-2Cactus Flower-First One-2005-2Cactus Flower-First One-2005

I wonder if this is the type of cactus that blooms every 10 years.  They are truly mysterious plants!


Valentina, The Whale, Is Saved

I came across a wonderful video of the saving of a whale!  The rescuers were members of The Great Whale Conservancy.  While boating in the Sea of Cortez, they happened upon a young female humpback whale that they thought was dead.  There was no movement.

When they got closer, the whale blew air out of her blow hole.  She evidently was signalling she was in distress.

I was so glued to the 8-minute video, that I was almost holding my breath while watching the heroic efforts on the part of the boaters.

Michael Fishback, one of the founders of the Conservancy, narrates the encounter.  It was discovered that that poor whale was grossly entangled in a fishing net, which prevented her from moving.

Their website is and please join them in helping to save these magnificent animals.

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