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Spotlight on Pets

This morning I attended a meeting of the Editorial Board for my community newsletter.  Many current articles were discussed, but there was a suggestion for a new monthly article.  We need to keep our readers interested and felt the need for something new which would keep our residents’ attention.  What better way than to focus on pets?

I volunteered to be the first.  Sometimes, it’s not a good idea to volunteer, but I was happy to do it this time.  And Rusty was my choice (I have 3 cats).  And it was decided to keep it down to 50 words.  I protested.  After all, I could write a book about all the antics and sweet things that Rusty does.  How can I keep him down to only 50 words?  In answer to my protest, I was reminded that we have to keep our Tweets down to 140 spaces.  Yeah, but I’m talking about MY RUSTY!!

Well, I did it, and feel very proud that I did.  It was not easy.



Introducing Rusty!  (me) is owned by him, and he loves all the attention he receives which he so richly deserves.  He speaks, he hugs, he curls, he’s soft, he’s always happy, plays, purrs all the time.  That face is to die for-you just can’t help melting.

We Built This City Video

Came across this video on YouTube.  Just had to share it with everyone.  Little girl and her cat.  Gotta luv it!

Have a great day!!!

Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring a smile and a ray of sunshine to another human being. Thank you to Kraftycatcreations for this blog!

Coping with Chronic Illness: Your Life Is Not Over.

There are many people who suffer chronic disease. My daughter is one. My very special daughter is one. This blog that I am reblogging, will, I hope, be a source of some comfort to those in this world. If you are reading this reblog, and know someone who has a chronic disease, please have them read this inspiring article.

Love in the Mirror

This young man is so inspiring! Only 6 years old and is a hero to homeless families. Read this blog from Kindness Blog;

Kindness Blog

Jonas Corona is truly an amazing young man…

Jonas Corona

Jonas, now 6, began volunteering when he was just 4 years old by feeding homeless people on Skid Row with his mom and aunt Janet. It was just 2 short years later that he decided to take it one step further and start his own organization to benefit homeless youth.

His organisation, Love in the Mirror, is a charitable organization that strives to inspire young people to MAKE A DIFFERENCE through their volunteer commitment of providing disadvantaged youth and their families with basic necessities such as food, clothing and learning materials.”

Since then, Jonas has helped over 20,000 people with basic necessities like food and clothes. He has organized drives, picked up donations, spoke in front of hundreds of people and inspired everyone he meets.

Along with running his own organization and helping thousands of people, Jonas spends the rest of…

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Ode to Presidents Day

Sitting here, waiting for my friend to arrive this afternoon, I thought I would say something about the Presidents Day holiday.  It’s a federal holiday, school children are off, and in many states, it is a day off from work.

I wonder what reminders the teachers gave their students, as to the holiday’s purpose.  When I was in elementary school in Brooklyn, there was no Presidents’ Day:  there was a celebration of 2 presidents’ birthdays.  Feb. 12th was President Lincoln’s birthday and Feb. 22nd was President Washington’s birthday.  Both were given the honor of separate days of birthday celebration.

Children were given assignments and craft ideas to signify the importance of the holiday.  One of the popular sayings that the young students were taught was that Washington said, “I did it, Father.  I cannot tell a lie,” when his father asked, “Who chopped down the cherry tree?”  There were many drawings of axes and trees that were supposed to be cherry trees.  Lincoln freed the slaves and held the states together in one union.  It was all very simplistic, as was life back then.  What a mess we have now.

We commemorate Presidents Day, a federal holiday honoring the 44 men who have served and is serving as commander-in-chief.  It is my great hope that one day, there will be a woman in the White House.

A Story of Friendship

Tomorrow, my friend Marian, is coming to visit me. She will be staying for 9 days.  She lives in Connecticut, and this visit was planned LONG before there was the polar vortex that made its latest appearance.

Marian’s original plan was to fly to Miami on last Thursday to visit her son and his family before coming to stay with me on Monday (tomorrow).  So, when that storm made its few passes in the northeast, of course all flights were cancelled, and my Marian, as did many others, had to scramble to get another flight to South Florida.  She was successful and has already landed this evening in Miami and will have her shortened visit with her family.

Marian and I grew up together.  We lived across the street from each other in Brooklyn while we were teenagers.  We hung out together a lot, and double-dated many times.  We were really close friends.  Then, she got married and moved to Connecticut, and a year later, I got married to the guy who lived “down the block.”  It was a close-knit community.  As can happen, people sometimes lose touch when life gets complicated.

We hooked up again through a mutual friend whom I hadn’t contacted in 45 years(!), whose son I found on Facebook.  It’s a convoluted thing.  The long and the short is that life has its strange twists and turns and we can end up traveling a full circle if we’re lucky!


And tomorrow, we close that little space in our life’s circle.

The Little Prince – Dreamscapes For a 12-Year-Old With Muscular Dystrophy

The Kindness Blog is a special place on WordPress. This reblog shows a muscular dystrophy patient, a 12 years old boy who will never be able to do the normal things a boy loves to do. A photographer, Matej Peljhan, captured the “action” using a “change of perspective.”

Kindness Blog

Luka, a 12-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy, may not be able to ride a skateboard or shoot hoops like other kids his age, but thanks to the help of a photographer, he’s able to see himself take part in some of the activities he had only dreamed of doing.

In a photo series entitled “The Little Prince,” Matej Peljhan, a Slovenian photographer, brings Luka’s imagination to life by including the 12-year-old in a variety of lifelike scenes.

Luka - The Little Prince

Luka is extremely limited in what he can do on his own because the disorder causes muscle weakness, and he uses a wheelchair. Everyday activities like eating and using the bathroom require a helping hand.

Luka - The Little Prince

“The only thing he is physically capable of are tiny, yet extremely weak movements with his fingers,” Peljhan, who also works as a psychologist, explained in a statement provided to The Huffington Post.

Luka - The Little Prince

“Some time ago, during one…

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Termite Man

Got up a little late this morning, and hurried to get the cats taken care of.  Expecting the guy from the termite control.  No, thank heavens, I don’t have that problem (others, yes); it’s just the annual checkup and annual fee.  He’s supposed to come between 9 and 11.  Got a call at 8:30 to say he wasn’t coming due to the fact that we’ve had so much rain within the last 24 hours.  Asked if he could come tomorrow at the same scheduled time.  Sure.  I checked my appointment book.  He said the subterranean termites dig deeper when the soil is too moist.  Just what I could use:  termites that dig deeper!


So, I figured I didn’t have to rush after all!  Good.

Had breakfast and got onto the computer.  The phone rings at 11:15.  It’s him (Nick) again.  He’s decided that he could come over after all, and could be over in 15 minutes.  I guess I have to rush again, because I didn’t get dressed yet!  I don’t like it when my day isn’t going as expected.  I prefer to have things go according to my schedule – that’s why I have an appointment book.  I feel more comfortable if things go according to schedule; but, life isn’t that way, as I learn over again all the time.  I’m really not that bad – with age, it gets better!


So, there he comes.  I followed him all around the perimeter of my house to see actually what his job is all about.  Very boring – digging around in the spots against the house that look a little more moist than others.  That’s it!  Good report!! 🙂  Don’t have to worry until another year.  Whew!

“If It Fits, I Sit”

Today, I have a different type of blog – something which is a special treat, in my opinion.  My daughter’s very close friend sent me an email with photos of animals in unusual positions.  Calling all animal lovers!!!


I call this one, “Made to Order.”


“If you’re thinking of taking this box, think again.”


“You’ll have to get up!  I have to print something and I’m in a rush.”


Recycled tree stump – perfect for an afternoon snooze.

As you all have probably guessed by now, I love animals, and next in line is that I love odd, funny photos with animals the subjects.  The captions are my thoughts as I first viewed these photos.

Hope you enjoyed!  I certainly did.