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5 Life Hacks Fur Cat Owners

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Fabulous inventive ways to entertain your cats for hours. Great video.

“Let It Be”

For your listening pleasure – a different rendition of The Beatles “Let It Be.”

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Hello Everyone! I’m Back From An Extended Hiatus

I hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday Season, and enjoyed good health during that time and are now experiencing the same.

December, January and the beginning of February were not a happy time for me; and that time would have been extremely more difficult if it were not for my very special sister and her husband.  They were there for whatever help I needed.

When the back goes out of kilter, everything else is in the background of life.  My saving graces were Tramadol, Aleve, a walker, chiropractic and rest.  Sitting in front of the computer was totally out of the question.  I’ve had to put aside the chair I was using for many years, and a kitchen chair (of all things) with a pillow at my back has made sitting at the desk possible.  Still, I have to limit (pace) my time, or else the back tells me I need to move or suffer the consequences.

I am now very hopeful that I can continue with one of my great enjoyments; that is, blogging, and looking in at what you all have been doing.