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To start the day …. Having a good life!!

Thanks for this start today. Very inspiring.

It Is What It Is


~~August 26, 2014~~ 

The women all over the world play this most important role in the community where they live. They are the givers of life, they are the nurturers, they are the foundation of the family unit. They provide knowledge, experience, time, effort, guidance, love and so much more. 

They help us all have “the good life”.


“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
~~William W. Purkey~~

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
~~Oscar Wilde~~

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
~~Albert Einstein~~


“Laughter is my strength”

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~~One Woman: A…

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A Few Forgotten Memories

Reblogging this from my “pussycats3” blog.

Pussy Cats 3

I came across an old memory card from a camera and found some photographs I had completely forgotten about.  Romeo and Rusty were quite young in these, and I’d like to share them with you.

Romeo in little houseRomeo is in this little “house” that I bought for him so he could have a place where he would feel comforted and cozy.  As you can see, he was starting to get a little big for it, and he had to fold himself in it.  His leg just couldn’t make it!!  I think this might have been the last time he went into this “comfort zone.”

Romeo and Rusty atop wall unitRomeo and Rusty are sitting on top of the wall unit in my office.  I should have had the flash turned off on the camera.  Romeo is sitting on top of one of the speakers (he is a flyer – nothing is too high for him).  Truthfully, I…

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When will it stop?

Some Things Have Changed in Mykonos, Greece

Many years ago, my husband Bob and I did lots of traveling, and one of my favorite places was Mykonos, Greece.  We “did” the Greek Isles boat trip over several days’ time, and Mykonos, was by far, my favorite of them all.  I’m sure most everyone who goes there will feel the same way; in fact, I’ve spoken to some inveterate travelers, and that was their thinking, as well.

On my Twitter account, I came across the photo below, and, although it wasn’t typical of the plain white-washed stone homes with the bright blue roofs and blue doors at the time we were there, it totally caught my eye.



Love Yourself First

We have to love ourselves before we can love others.


[image from Pinterestdotcom]

Stop poaching African rhinos, petition

If the poaching is not stopped, wild rhinos will be gone in only a few years. Poaching has increased each year. We have to do all we can to put a stop to this killing. Please sign the petition.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

From in the USA:

Save the Rhino Sign Our Petition To Help End Poaching Of Africa’s Last Rhinos! Take action today!

They once roamed wide swaths of Africa. Now they’re making a last stand. And you can help them survive.

Please sign our petition encouraging measures to protect Africa’s last remaining rhinos!

Dear Friend,

Rhinos are almost gone from the wild. The Western black rhino species has been declared extinct and the two other rhino species found in Africa are close on its heels towards disappearing from the face of the planet.. From 13 rhinos killed in 2007 in South Africa alone to a projected 1,027 rhinos killed by the time 2014 draws to a close, rhino poaching rates in Africa have skyrocketed.

You can help protect Africa’s remaining rhinos by signing this petition!

Black rhino and calf

All this for a lucrative black market where poachers make millions of dollars from people who buy the…

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Re-starting Iraq war, immoral and stupid

The cost of the two wars is staggering – so much more than most of us could imagine.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA is called Cost Of Iraq & Afghanistan Wars Is Absolutely Staggering.

By Solomon Hughes in Britain:

Same old, same old in Iraq

Friday 22nd August 2014

Calls for deeper intervention in Iraq follow a depressingly familiar pattern, says SOLOMON HUGHES

THE murder of US journalist James Foley is fuelling calls for more Western “action” in Iraq against Isis.

But the biggest enthusiasts for “action” are often the haziest about the hows and whys of “intervention.” They don’t like looking too hard at “intervention” because once you do you see that Isis success grows from the last “intervention” in 2003.

The success of the sectarian, bloody Islamic State is a function of the sectarian and bloody weakness of the Iraqi state. Isis’s Mad Max-style gangs only hold ground because the British-US intervention in Iraq so fundamentally broke down every element of the…

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Destination: Miami, FL – Part 4

While I was having a “war” of sorts with the waffle maker at breakfast, Fern was having a “battle” of sorts over her tests in the hospital.

South miami hospital

She called me around 10:30 to say the first test had to be repeated, which meant an extra 3-hour wait for the results.  I can only imagine her anxiety about what was happening that morning:  the not knowing; the what is going to happen next?

Fern called again around 12:00.  She was still waiting for the results of the first test, a second time around, and didn’t know if there would be time for the other tests (and how long they would take) and when she was going to be discharged.  She was concerned about the fact that we might need to extend our stay at the hotel.  (Reservation was for only the one night we had already spent there.)  Upon check-in, Fern had asked for a later check-out time the next day and it was extended to 2:00.  (Usual check-out time is 12:00 noon).  There was no problem with that.

Our original plan, before traveling to Miami, was:  Fern was going to have her tests, and we would travel home that same afternoon.  The best-laid plans, right?

So, at noon, Fern was still waiting for the results of her first test (second time around), and had 2 more tests lined up.  I decided to wait until 2:00 to ask for an extension for another day.

I had plenty of time for lunch before asking for an extension of our stay.  In the mean time, I had asked at the desk for directions to the hospital.  Carlos wrote them down for me and handed me his card in case I needed to contact him.  (As it turned out later, I was glad I had his card.)

My plan was to go the Dadeland Mall,

dade mall

order a take-out lunch at Cheesecake Factory, and come back to the hotel, and enjoy it while watching TV in the dining room.  Good plan, right?

cheese fact

Everything went well at the Cheesecake Factory.  Their Chinese Chicken Salad is a favorite of mine.

chinese chix

I got back in the car, and back-tracked my route; only, I lost the route in the maze of the parking lot around the stores, after going around J C Penney.  I made a wrong turn somewhere.  Found myself in front of Macy’s.


The card Carlos gave me came in very handy.  I told him where I was, and he guided me back to the hotel.

Dadeland Mall is a crazy maze.

Dadeland Mall is a crazy maze.

I don’t like to be lost.  I don’t like to not know where I’m going.  (If you read my first post, Destination:  Miami, FL – Part 1, you will have a perfect example of what not knowing where I’m going will do to my psyche.)

Only half of my salad was consumed (it’s a huge salad), and I saved the rest for Fern, thinking she will probably be so hungry when her tests are finished.

I decided the best thing for me was to take advantage of the shuttle service and be driven to the hospital.


While waiting for the shuttle van (it took a half hour to arrive), I extended the hotel stay for another night.  I also had to call my pet sitter to increase the visits to take care of my cats for another 24 hours.

Finally, I was at Fern’s bedside.  By that time, she had already had her second test, and she was going to be discharged:  there was no time to do the third test.  This meant another trip to Miami.  We were almost jumping for joy!  Not really.


[images from bingdotcom of:  Dadeland Mall; Dadeland Macy’s; Dadeland Cheesecake Factory; and South Miami Hospital]







Destination: Miami, FL – Part 3

Well, having that wonderful dinner at Cheesecake Factory in the Dadeland Mall was a great ending to an anxiety-filled day.  The next day would be one filled with anxiety as well.

Fern had to be at the South Miami Hospital at 5:30 am.  That is not a typo!  She had to take a taxi to the hospital, since the shuttle service from the hotel starts at 6:30 am.

South miami hospital

Needless to say, not much sleep was happening in room 230 that night.

Breakfast was alone, while Fern was in the hospital for the start of her tests, and it was courtesy of the hotel.  I was amazed at the selections.

a great breakfast

Eggs; sausages; cold cereals; fresh, hot oatmeal; fruit; muffins; bagels; juices; and BELGIAN WAFFLES!  Love those.  It was “make it yourself” in the waffle maker.  Couldn’t wait.  Filled a cup with the prepared batter and poured it onto the hot waffler.  Uh, oh.  The batter overflowed down the sides of the hot waffler.  I didn’t know why that happened.  I wasn’t familiar with this kind of apparatus, and couldn’t imagine what went wrong!   I covered the batter with the top part of the waffle maker anyway, and hoped for the best.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me to take a photo of the overflowed waffle maker; however, this is the machine on which the dastardly deed was done.

that dastardly waffle maker

I gathered some other items offered for breakfast, went into the dining area, got some coffee,

coffee-tea round the clock

and sat down at a table.

Completely forgot about my waffle!  At my age, I’m susceptible to that malady – forgetfulness.  When I remembered about it (several minutes later), I hurried into the breakfast area to get my waffle.  It was not there; the waffle maker was clean, and waiting for the next pour.

There was a nice young boy, about 9 or 10, standing near the waffle makers.  I mentioned that I had a problem with the waffle maker, telling him about it overflowing.  He told me that I have to fill up the cup to the line, and not to the top.  OMG.  I never read the instructions, and didn’t notice the line on the cup before.  It was embarrassing to be instructed by this young boy on how to use the machine!  I politely thanked him.

A glutton for punishment, and a glutton for a Belgian waffle, I made the attempt again; this time, making sure I stopped the batter at the line.  Everything seemed to go well, but there still was some batter that overflowed – not much, though.  I closed the cover, and again hoped for the best.  It came out alright, but would have been better if I stayed there and turned the waffle maker once, during the cooking:  one side was quite done, and the other side wasn’t done enough.  I have hope that next time, things will turn out even better.

And, there will be a next time.  We have to go back very soon, for Fern’s last test.

Destination: Miami, FL – Part 2

The Hampton Inn Dadeland was a welcome sight, for sure, after that harrowing trip along US 1.  A smiling Pedro at the reception desk was also a welcoming sight.

A great welcome from Pedro

We checked in and went to our room.  Of course, we had the last room at the end of the long hallway!

At the end of the hall

We were happy with the room.  After stowing our gear, we thought we’d tend to the task of treating ourselves for dinner:  Cheesecake Factory!!

Got the directions to the Dadeland Mall, and were looking forward to that meal.

cheesecake factory front

We were shown to a cozy, quiet booth.  Just right for conversation as well as enjoying our dinner.  Brian was our waiter – a good-looking tall young man; so congenial and friendly and smiling.  A pleasure.  Flavored iced tea for beverage.  Hmmm.  Everything looks so good.  Hard choice.  Finally decided we were going to have FUN.  We were in a festive mood – loved the Cheesecake Factory, and Brian made the event even more pleasant.

Fried calamari, Crispy Cuban Rolls and Warm Asparagus Salad.  What a selection!  Couldn’t wait.

Service was pretty quick, and we started our FUN FEAST.  I really didn’t think we would finish it all, but we did!!  Just thinking about those great flavors and textures, is making my mouth water all over again.

Of course, after the dishes were cleared off, Brian asked if we would like dessert.  Oh no!  We were too full, and besides, we don’t usually have dessert after a meal.

All of a sudden, words popped out of my mouth:  Do you still have that chocolate cake with the chocolate fudge and chocolate mousse layers?  Fern looked at me as if I were crazy.  We really didn’t plan on having dessert.  “Oh yes,” said Brian.

We got the cake.

12 layers blackout cake-with choc mousse