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Togetherness At Last!!

Patches never wanted Rusty to be part of our family.  When he arrived, at the end of 2005, Patches ignored him and if he got too close, she would hiss and push him away – not too gently.

Rusty was never put off for long.  He was born friendly.  Over these long years, it was evident to me that these two would never be close.

However, lately, things have softened.  Patches has started to allow Rusty to get close:

This is for real.  Not photoshopped!

We’re a close family now.  Finally.

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Rusty Has His Morning Routine Down Pat

We all know that animals (even humans) have their familiar habits and routines which make us all feel comfortable.

Rusty, of course, has his.  Below are the 2 videos that make up our daily morning routine.  Of course, I usually have to interrupt my breakfast to accommodate him. He can be bossy at times (all the time!).  If I’m not quick enough, he lets me know about it!!  But it’s worth it.

It’s heartening to see that Rusty’s back legs are working better.  But, when I can, I encourage him to walk down the steps near the loveseat; otherwise, I pick him up from wherever, and gently place him on the floor.  For at least the next couple of weeks, I have to be careful about his jumping, even though he might want to do it.  Not easy when you’re dealing with a cat.

I mention “Down Pat” in the title.  For his reward, he gets Pat-ted Down.

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Rescued Tortie Politely Asks Adopters For A Loving Home — Cole & Marmalade

Written by: Yassar Nakchbendi, Chirpy Cats Photo Courtesy: Yasaar Nakchbendi — Scout the tortie enjoying nature’s delights in the catnip tunnelThe room was flooded with the sound of persistent and excited meows. Each cat was desperately singing their finest ‘a-cat-pella’ to lure potential takers. There was a shadow at the corner of my eye and…

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I Realize I Have To Choose My Pleasures More Carefully

I’m taking a different tack:  Putting the usual moral of story at the beginning.

Moral of story:  Do a better job of planning visits, celebrations and finding out what kind of seating the restaurant has.

The bane of my life since age 20 has been the results of a bad fall which left permanent damage to my lower back, but not eligible for surgery.  Off and on the flareups incapacitated me seriously, and finally, a very severe one occurred while at work several decades ago.  One of my coworkers suggested a chiropractor who helped his father during a very bad back pain.

I went, even though I was a child of the time when the AMA was bad-mouthing chiropractors as “quacks.”  I was desperate.  He helped a great deal, and after a few visits, I seemed to go back to “normal.”  No pain, and active again.

I’ve had to visit chiropractors more frequently as I’ve grown older.  Naturally.

Stress seems to have played a part in my “attacks.”  My last one, occurring near the end of May, about 4 weeks ago, was at the start of a very busy time:

Patches, my old girl Eoxitic Shorthair of 15 yrs., had to have her teeth cleaned and, being a stressed cat,  she needed gabapentin to calm her for the non-anesthetic dental; had to prepare for an out-of-town visitor in a couple of days; celebrate my birthday with my son and his wife for a luncheon; daughter’s visit for a couple of days (she’s a pleasure – no special preparation); going out for birthday  dinner; disrupted household, which also upset my 2 cats because our daily routines and loving attention were not going very well; had to visit chiropractor 3 days in a row for help with back pain; telephone from HOA office to advise pickup truck (belonging to visitor) is not allowed overnight on the driveway (stupid, in my opinion) which necessitated going back and forth to daughter’s house where truck could stay overnight for 2 nights which meant mornings and evenings (4 trips back and forth altogether); and aching back.

That’s my recent story.  The stress of too much coming together hit my weak spot.  Sleep was difficult.  Bed was out of bounds for 3 nights, and had to “sleep” sitting up on the loveseat.  The pain was very bad – needed a walker to get around in the house, and my greatest concern was taking care of my cats.

After 3 weeks, and more chiropractic visits, I was starting to feel better, but then, Rusty my almost 13 yr. old Exotic, starting showing weakness in his back legs 4 days ago.  They were flip-flopping.  Visits to veterinarians are stressful all around.  Two visits and X-Rays and pain meds for him. Hopefully, this will improve in a couple of weeks, according to vet. But, between Rusty and Patches (who has trouble walking), it means lots of bending and lifting.

Things were still going upwards concerning my back, but then, I went out for dinner at a Greek restaurant yesterday with my SOLOS Club, and I’ve been set backward.  The chairs were hard; there was a very thin layer of foam under the covering.  I knew when I sat down I was going to be in trouble.  And today, I’ve slid down in my recovery.

BTW, I really did enjoy dinner out, because the food and wait staff were good, and the chatter around the table was excellent with my friends.  But, sometimes, pleasure comes with pain afterwards. For me.

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Trump taking his insanity beyond the bounds of Earth

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Watch Out For That Common Moorhen!

While trying to relax with a book as a means of escaping the horrible, upsetting, sad news about the children being pulled away from their parents along the southern border, I became distracted by lots of screeching outside my patio, right in front of me.

The Common Moorhen, one of Florida’s popular and very aggressive, territorial  birds, was chasing away a White Ibis.  The Ibis apparently believed his life was on the line.

White Ibis

Common Moorhen

It didn’t matter that the Ibis was 3 times the size of the Moorhen, and its beak was at least 10 times longer!

In the past, I’ve seen these Moorhens chasing away Great White Egrets and Great Blue Herons!

The littoral system that has grown over the years in size from its original builder-planted corner of the lake, to way past my property and past my neighbor’s as well, is the favorite nesting place of the Moorhens.

The pair of Moorhens have had their babies, and they have all disappeared weeks ago.  It was surprising that this one appeared late in the season.


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Unceasing flow of MAGA news is appalling, and the damage is real


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Let’s be blunt. Ripping babies out of their mothers’ arms — even while they’re nursing — and putting toddlers in cages is certainly not the way to make America great again. In fact, it’s a vile criminal act a hundred times worse than merely entering a country illegally.

That practice “amounts to arbitrary and unlawful interference in family life, and is a serious violation of the rights of the child,” said a spokeswoman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

But, this is what we’ve come to: concentration camps for kids. Tent cities in the desert. Psychological damage that will scar as many as 2,000 children for life — a number that’s sure to grow. And the attorney general and the White House’s shrill shill misquote biblical scripture to justify it. It’s a wonder they don’t both burst into flames…

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