Body Image Experiment

Speaking of making a statement!!


For many decades, the media has idealized their image of the “perfect woman”, going so far as to photo-shop pictures of models to inhuman proportions. Culture dictates that looks are important. The message comes across to females of all ages and shapes that they do not measure up. For many women, this expectation can damage their self-esteem.
In recent years, a backlash has been building against the media’s message, and rightly so. Many women, along with some men, are speaking out, their message being that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It is time for us to be comfortable in our own skin.
In the following video, presented by HLN, Amy Pence-Brown puts her message forth by stripping down to her underwear in the middle of an outdoor market. The response is heartwarming.

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2 responses to “Body Image Experiment

  1. There is no human being on the face of this earth who is truly unattractive because all such considerations are in the eye of the beholder. God planted His Creation in place and looked upon everything and everyone He had made and declared it all to be “Good.” If God is pleased with His Creation — and that includes all living people …. then how can we not be pleased with them as well?

    I have a saying: “God planted this great garden of Creation and everything that grows in that garden in beautiful! There was never a week in the Great Garden of God because in that Garden even those that we sometimes consider to be weeds are … in all reality … beautiful flowers!

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