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What is M.E.?

I suppose people wonder about M.E. – what is it, and why am I, and so many others, advocating for this invisible illness?  My daughter is afflicted.  It robs sufferers of the lives they knew before M.E., and instead, they know pain and extreme, debilitating fatigue, from which there is no relief for so many.

There is a video on Youtube that can explain it very simply; however, this video was uploaded August 31, 2013, and the numbers have grown since then, for sure.  This video is dedicated to all those who have M.E., who had it (and died), and to those who will become afflicted in the future.  M.E. has no discriminatory problem with age, gender, socioeconomic status, race or any other poll-worthy category.

Please take the time (only 5 minutes) to watch.

Thank you.