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Writing letters of recommendation should be a supplement to the annual review format

Thank you to PsychologistMimi for this indepth post about reasons for recognizing the value of employees in the workplace.


The last four weeks have been a series of crazy events for me during which I have had to also think of the great attributes of my colleagues of friends as I have been asked to write letters of recommendation on their behalf. It seems to be quite an honor to be asked; or so I believe. As such I take them very seriously not only for my colleagues’ sake but also for my own. By focusing on the great attributes I get to learn a lot as well as to what I value and what I deem to be integral to a good working environment.  And for that I am grateful to have been asked to write these letters of recommendation. I have yet to say no to such a request for there is always something that can be highlighted and acknowledged.

Every employee should be valued as a…

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