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Some Grape Respite at the End of the Day for Those Who Have Had a Bad Day

Let’s lighten up the atmosphere (or blogosphere) this evening.  Only one more day of the week to get through until the (hooray!) weekend comes into view.

For those who enjoy a little “pick-me-up” or need a “come down” from the hectic day, the following (hopefully) will put a smile on your face while you’re holding your favorite grape product in your favorite glass.  Drink up!  Or, drink down.



wine 1 wine 2 wine 3 wine 4 wine 5 wine 6

Weekend Past

Boy, was it a busy one!  Self-improvement Saturday and Meet ‘n Greet on Sunday.  Got a chance to use my self-improvement only one day later!

It’s not the first self-improvement workshop I’ve been to in my life, but it was very challenging.  I’m basically a positive person, so I really didn’t have to work on the negative part of my psyche.  (Do I have one?)  My problem is that I’m still trying to find my passion!  It’s about time, isn’t it?  Have more work to do; speaking of which, I came home with a work book, so I can work some more on my self-improvement.  I firmly believe that we all could use some improving, what do you think?

The Meet ‘n Greet was a success!  We welcomed the most recent newcomers to our community, and it proved to be a very happy gathering. 

Of course, the wine and cheese may have helped a bit!  The day was perfect – sunshine (that’s a familiar word), moderate temps, and when you get a very social crowd together, the friendship sparks light the fire. 

While I’m sitting here, typing my blog, I started to feel awfully warm; almost to the point of sweating.  I checked the thermostat and realized the temp in the house was too high.  I forgot to adjust for the warmer temps outside. Too bad it wasn’t a “smart” thermostat.

Sunshine is even happier now! 🙂