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The Teen Video Competition

This is a forward-thinking post, focused on our future generations.  Happy to reblog.

Life in the Boomer Lane

While we are all citizens of the world, few of us take our citizenship seriously.  Beyond reading newspapers or listening to the news, beyond voting, beyond recycling, beyond attending a civic association meeting every once in a while, we limit our participation to complaining about what is happening out there.  And there is a lot to complain about, so we are kept pretty busy doing that part of it.

 Life in the Boomer Lane has a neighbor/friend who takes her world citizenship seriously, and she manages to manifest her responsibility in addition to raising two children, training for triathlons, and being an advocate for the improvement of educational services in the county.  In her job, she created the first ever project in which scientists from around the world traveled to North Korea to collaborate with North Korean scientists on non-military scientific issues. If you think that’s an easy…

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Change Is Good For The Soul – Or Is It?

If you’re reading this blog and any of my others, and you’ve been on my site before, you will notice a difference in the background.

There is more than one thing (text, images, photos, videos) to concentrate on when posting a blog.  I know, it’s the message that’s most important, but I have chosen to change my background, and yet still try to keep within certain color and design parameters that I have given myself today.  I really wasn’t happy with the background that was there yesterday – I felt it was temporary – a “fix” from the solid white background that I had when I messed up early on.

I tried this one: 


but didn’t like it.


Didn’t like this one, either.

I liked the designs above, and some others but, when tiled, they looked awful.  I’ve been trying to keep similar colors that were in the original theme, “Matala.”

In order to spread the design across the whole background, it has to be “tiled.”  So, I had to find one that “tiled” nicely.  I am partial to paisley – always liked that design.

Actually, I had fun with this – choosing another design.  This is my blog, and I need to be pleased and happy with how it appears – for me, not necessarily for all who may view it.  If I get tired of this design, or decide it’s time to search for another background, it’s a simple (wasn’t at first) thing to change.

This is my happiness moment for today.  A simple thing, but hey!