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Florida Atlantic University Student’s Achievement in Varying Degrees

Here’s a big ray of sunshine from the Sunshine State:  A sixteen-year-old student has simultaneously earned her high school diploma AND her bachelor’s in criminal justice.

Grace Bush, 16-year-old student from Hollywood, FL, has earned her HS diploma and her BS from college, simultaneously.

Grace Bush, 16-year-old student from Hollywood, FL, has earned her HS diploma and her BS from college, simultaneously.  Photo from Sun-Sentinel.

Grace is one of 9 children, all home-schooled by their mother, Gisla Bush.  Two of her sisters and a cousin also have achieved similar goals at very young ages and are continuing their educations.

Grace is planning to earn her master’s degree and then attend law school. What is her ultimate goal?  She plans to become the Chief Justice of the United States!  I believe she is well on her way!!

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Fix My Bite, Please

For some years now, I’ve been having a problem with my bite.  No, I’m not trying to bite anything perfectly – I’m talking about the bite in my mouth.  Teeth!  If anyone is a little squeamish about reading this kind of subject, then I guess you’ll have to click off; however, if I have stirred some curiosity, well, then continue reading.

The last time I had my teeth cleaned, I spoke with my hygienist about this thing that has been bothering me for so long.  Her face lit up!  “Oh, I know just who to recommend,” she said. “He’s gorgeous!!”

Well, that’s a first for me!  Imagine a professional recommending another professional just because of how gorgeous he looks!  What about, “Oh he’s really good at his profession.”  or, “Oh, he is highly recommended according to my other patients.”

I was somewhat turned off.  This kind of recommendation came out of nowhere.  I thought to myself, “Self, this is ridiculous.  I asked for a referral, and all I get is how gorgeous he is.”  Anyway, she took out one of his cards – had them very handy – and gave it to me.  He is good-looking from the photo on his card.  What about his qualifications?  Does he have a good track record?  How long has he had his practice?  Where did he take his training?  These are good questions; the answers to which, help make an informed decision.

So, I went for my consultation.  Among other certificates hanging in the reception area, was his certification from New York University.  Good school.  His office is high-tech, well planned, well organized, and very friendly.  Young women who smiled at you all the time.  They must be very happy here.  Laughing children, young mothers with babies – what am I doing here?

Then, I was introduced to Dr. S.  He was in the process of looking into a young child’s mouth, fiddling around with wires and rubber bands, I guess.  He looked up at me.  The world stopped.  One of the “beautiful” people looked at ME.  Blue eyes, crinkles around his eyes (from smiling a lot?), straight nose, dazzling smile, perfect haircut.  Gorgeous!  She was right.