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The Start Of A New Year

While many are celebrating the beginning of a new year, there are more than 17 million people in the world who are not celebrating.  They are the sufferers of M.E. – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  They, and all their advocates, will celebrate when there is a recognized and accepted diagnosis criteria; when there is an accepted and effective treatment; and when there is a CURE.

Please watch the video below:

Advancing Research in Canada for ME and FM

Below is a quote from the Aviva Community Fund in Canada, created by National ME/FM Action Network.  The problems in Canada mirror the problems here in the US.  Click on this link to read the complete article.

The mention of “no definitive biomarkers or treatment protocols” below, is in contrast to a reference made by Mary Schweitzer, ME patient, in her address to the Wisconsin ME/CFS Association in January 2014:  “We have biomarkers & tests now!”

“The 2010 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) conducted by Statistics Canada revealed that there were 411,500 Canadians diagnoses with ME/CFS and 439,000 with Fibromyalgia. The survey also revealed a high level of disability for patients with ME/CFS and FM as well as unmet health care needs. ME/CFS and FM are chronic and severely disabling illnesses. They are as disabling as MS and are more prevalent in Canada than breast cancer, MS and AIDS combined! People are frequently bedridden and become isolated from friends and family – invisible in their own communities. These illnesses are real; the people are real; and they need help NOW!  

These illnesses do not discriminate. All races, men and women, rich and poor, adults and children can be afflicted. It is devastating when a child is forced to cope with such a disabling illness.  

Currently there are no definitive biomarkers or treatment protocols for ME or FM.  Diagnosis is made by comparing patient symptoms with diagnostic criteria, then excluding other possible causes of those symptoms. Treatments are merely a means to manage the symptoms. There is no known prevention or cure. Lacking these basic fundamentals has an enormous impact on our current community and the thousands of people still struggling to be diagnosed. It typically takes years to obtain a proper diagnosis and it’s known that early intervention increases the chance of recovery. We need more research now!”