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Enter, Mr. Jack Russell

My cousin forwarded the following youtube video to me.  If you appreciate the wonderfulness of our domestic animals, you will LOVE the result of positive training of which this dog is the recipient.





Observing National Nurses’ Week – May 6-12, 2014

When I was a young woman, I wanted to study to become a nurse, but, at the time, my health thwarted that dream; however, I never lost my interest in all things medical.  I am so glad that nurses are being recognized for the stupendous job they do.

Observing 2014 National Nurses Week:

“Nurses: Leading the Way”
A statement by the Secretary Of Health and Human Services

Nurses are awesome. Tell us why by tweeting @HRSAgov or commenting on HRSA's Facebood page during Nurses Week, May 6-12.“It is only fitting that the theme for this year’s National Nurses Week is “Nurses: Leading the Way.” After all, nurses lead the way in showing an elderly patient how to manage his or her diabetes. They lead the way in making sure their patients – children and adults – get the vaccinations they need. They lead the way in helping our young moms learn how to care for their infants. And they lead the way in conducting research to promote high-quality life for those with chronic illnesses, and to help all of us stay healthy across the lifespan.

And nurses, our trusted advisers on health issues, led the way in reaching out to their patients, neighbors, and families to make sure they enrolled in health insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Nurses, who are on the front lines of health care, know firsthand how important coverage can be to their patients: to their health, their peace of mind, and their financial security.

We’re continuing to rely on nurses to help educate patients, some of whom had never had health insurance before, on how to use their newly acquired coverage to get the vital preventive and primary care they need. Nurses are also helping patients use new health information technology tools to manage their own care and ultimately improve their health.

That is why this Administration invests in workforce development, education, and training for nurses.

As a result of funding through the Affordable Care Act and other investments, the Administration has greatly expanded the National Health Service Corps and the NURSE Corps, two initiatives that provide educational loan repayment and scholarships in return for practice in the nation’s medically under-served communities. More than 3,680 National Health Service Corps and NURSE Corps nurses – including 1,889 nurse practitioners and 1,475 registered nurses – are providing care across the country to those who need it most.

In addition, during the 2012-2013 academic year, the Administration funded the training of 10,600 nursing students through advanced nursing education initiatives. These are just a few of the initiatives that support the education and training of nurses.

National Nurses Week culminates on May 12, the anniversary of the birthday of perhaps the most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale, the original nurse leader.  Please join me this week and all the weeks that follow in recognizing nurses across the country for following in Florence’s footsteps and thanking them for the critical work they do in bringing better care and better health to all Americans.”

Fix My Bite, Please

For some years now, I’ve been having a problem with my bite.  No, I’m not trying to bite anything perfectly – I’m talking about the bite in my mouth.  Teeth!  If anyone is a little squeamish about reading this kind of subject, then I guess you’ll have to click off; however, if I have stirred some curiosity, well, then continue reading.

The last time I had my teeth cleaned, I spoke with my hygienist about this thing that has been bothering me for so long.  Her face lit up!  “Oh, I know just who to recommend,” she said. “He’s gorgeous!!”

Well, that’s a first for me!  Imagine a professional recommending another professional just because of how gorgeous he looks!  What about, “Oh he’s really good at his profession.”  or, “Oh, he is highly recommended according to my other patients.”

I was somewhat turned off.  This kind of recommendation came out of nowhere.  I thought to myself, “Self, this is ridiculous.  I asked for a referral, and all I get is how gorgeous he is.”  Anyway, she took out one of his cards – had them very handy – and gave it to me.  He is good-looking from the photo on his card.  What about his qualifications?  Does he have a good track record?  How long has he had his practice?  Where did he take his training?  These are good questions; the answers to which, help make an informed decision.

So, I went for my consultation.  Among other certificates hanging in the reception area, was his certification from New York University.  Good school.  His office is high-tech, well planned, well organized, and very friendly.  Young women who smiled at you all the time.  They must be very happy here.  Laughing children, young mothers with babies – what am I doing here?

Then, I was introduced to Dr. S.  He was in the process of looking into a young child’s mouth, fiddling around with wires and rubber bands, I guess.  He looked up at me.  The world stopped.  One of the “beautiful” people looked at ME.  Blue eyes, crinkles around his eyes (from smiling a lot?), straight nose, dazzling smile, perfect haircut.  Gorgeous!  She was right.