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My Truth About Invisaligns and A New-Fangled Container


For the last 2 years and 3 months, I’ve had to wear “Invisaligns” to correct a mistake a former dentist made with a “night guard” (NG).

Without going into gross details, suffice it to say that my whole bite became misaligned, and my mouth was reduced to a very bad bite which affected my ability to chew properly as well as rendering some teeth to become crooked.

Finally, two weeks ago today, I had impressions taken for “retainers” and a week ago, I picked them up.

FREEDOM!!  Now, I could go a whole day without worrying about making sure I wore the Invisaligns 19 – 20 hours a day for them to be effective.  Now, I could even have a piece of fruit during the afternoon in peace, without removing the Invisaligns, brushing and replacing them.

(I’ve seen many commercials on TV for Invisaligns.  They misrepresent them by omitting the fact that sure, you can eat anything, but you have to take them out in order to eat.  Misrepresentation by omission!)

I returned home with my new retainers safely residing in the container in which the orthodontist placed them.  I got comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyed the company of Patches and Rusty.

A thought occurred to me:  The container looked kind of strange – reminded me of one of those intergalactic transports from Star Trek.  I got up and took a good look at it.


I couldn’t figure out how to open it!!  It truly was strange.  I pulled, pushed, looked for a place to put my fingers to open it, but there wasn’t any visible way to get it open.  I tried prying it open with a pointed knife (not a good idea).  Nothing I did made it move in the slightest.  I was ready to take a hammer to it.  How was I supposed to put the retainers in my mouth for the night, if I couldn’t open the damned thing?  I was getting frustrated.

I called the orthodontist’s office.  Fortunately, they were still there.  I complained about this new-fangled thing, and what was wrong with the old style?  That certainly was easy to use.

The woman put me on hold for a minute.  She came back and holding one of those containers, she proceeded to instruct me as to how to open it.  I followed her instructions, et voila!  Success.  It popped open.  It was as simple as could be.  Just a push in the front released the hooks that kept it closed.

I suggested in future, they should have an instructions sheet to go along with the container.  The woman told me that they were having complaints.  Duh!

Sometimes, these new inventions that are considered “progress” should have never been invented.

Moral:  It was probably cheaper than the original ones.


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Fix My Bite, Please

For some years now, I’ve been having a problem with my bite.  No, I’m not trying to bite anything perfectly – I’m talking about the bite in my mouth.  Teeth!  If anyone is a little squeamish about reading this kind of subject, then I guess you’ll have to click off; however, if I have stirred some curiosity, well, then continue reading.

The last time I had my teeth cleaned, I spoke with my hygienist about this thing that has been bothering me for so long.  Her face lit up!  “Oh, I know just who to recommend,” she said. “He’s gorgeous!!”

Well, that’s a first for me!  Imagine a professional recommending another professional just because of how gorgeous he looks!  What about, “Oh he’s really good at his profession.”  or, “Oh, he is highly recommended according to my other patients.”

I was somewhat turned off.  This kind of recommendation came out of nowhere.  I thought to myself, “Self, this is ridiculous.  I asked for a referral, and all I get is how gorgeous he is.”  Anyway, she took out one of his cards – had them very handy – and gave it to me.  He is good-looking from the photo on his card.  What about his qualifications?  Does he have a good track record?  How long has he had his practice?  Where did he take his training?  These are good questions; the answers to which, help make an informed decision.

So, I went for my consultation.  Among other certificates hanging in the reception area, was his certification from New York University.  Good school.  His office is high-tech, well planned, well organized, and very friendly.  Young women who smiled at you all the time.  They must be very happy here.  Laughing children, young mothers with babies – what am I doing here?

Then, I was introduced to Dr. S.  He was in the process of looking into a young child’s mouth, fiddling around with wires and rubber bands, I guess.  He looked up at me.  The world stopped.  One of the “beautiful” people looked at ME.  Blue eyes, crinkles around his eyes (from smiling a lot?), straight nose, dazzling smile, perfect haircut.  Gorgeous!  She was right.