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An Open Letter to the Lifeguard Who Saved a Little Boy – By Amy Zellmer

An eye witness report on the heroics of a teenage lifeguard who saved a little boy from drowning. Inspirational.

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An Open Letter to the Lifeguard Who Saved a Little Boy - By Amy Zellmer

Dear Lifeguard,

I don’t know your name, and I’m guessing that you are about high school age. I witnessed you in action yesterday as you saved a little boy from drowning at Lake Elmo beach.

I want you to know how proud I am of you and your efforts.

I know it’s your “job” but it’s also your worse fear. No one can ever have enough training to prepare you for what this moment will actually feel like, but because of you, this little boy is home playing with his family today.

I saw the entire episode play out, in what felt like slow motion. I was sitting on a bench across the water from you with my friends, while their children played in the water. I remember noticing you taking off your shorts and saying to my friends, “Why the heck is she taking off her shorts?” It was…

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Michael Whary, Autistic – Eagle Scout Project

Sixteen-year-old Michael Whary is an honors student taking advanced classes, plays the piano and trumpet, and is a member of his school’s track team.
And, as Michael readily acknowledges, he’s been diagnosed with Autism; in fact, the doctors told his parents he would never ride a bicycle nor drive a car.
Take a look at Michael now, at age 16!


Memories of a Time Past: Part 4

My father’s cousins formed a “family circle” by the name of “Weiser Family Circle.”  It was a cousins club.  All his siblings and cousins and their children, and aunts and uncles were members.  Weiser was his mother’s maiden name, so the club consisted of only family members from her side of the family.  I don’t remember her coming with us.  Anyway, it was just as well she wasn’t there.  She was not a well-liked woman, to put it mildly.

These annual jaunts started when I was a teenager.  We always got a very early start.  It was easy to get together since we all lived in Brooklyn.  We arranged to meet at 6 am at a cafeteria to have early breakfast before getting started on the long trip.  I remember how sleepy everyone was, and a little grumpy – no, a lot grumpy.  No one was used to getting up so early, packing up the picnic baskets and games and charcoal and BBQ paraphernalia, and getting it all into the car.

Packing car[image from bingdotcom]

After coffee and something to eat, everyone felt better and started to get excited about the day ahead.  And the long drive – oh, what people do to have a good time!

Our picnics took place in the Spring and the destination was in upstate NY.  I believe it was in the Saranac Lake area.  We all had to take sweaters and jackets.  It was very chilly in the mornings and as the sun started to go down, it got chilly again – in fact, I remember we were freezing one time, and there was a time when it started to rain.  We all tried to avoid the rain by getting under the picnic tables.  The barbeque fires were in danger, but we couldn’t do anything about that.  That particular time, we just had to pack up as quickly as we could, get things into the cars, and cut the day short.  Oh well.

My friend, Marian came with us one year.

Marian is on the left, and I'm in the middle.  You can see we're wearing jackets.  It was usually pretty chilly, if not downright cold.

Marian is on the left, and I’m in the middle. You can see we’re wearing jackets. It was usually pretty chilly, if not downright cold.

They were good times.

Jason Kertson, Guitar Genius, For Your Listening Pleasure

This incredible musical showcase would seem like showing off if it didn’t sound so beautiful! This talented teen isn’t just about gimmicks; he’s about making great music. Of course, if he just happens to blow your mind with his flashy skills, all the better! You won’t believe your eyes – or your ears.  The song: “Drifting,” by Andy McKee.

Just had to share this very talented young teenager’s guitar playing.  In this video he is playing 2 guitars simultaneously.  If you haven’t heard his playing before, then you’re in for a musical treat, indeed!

From Homeless to Harvard

This young teen went from homeless to Harvard.  An amazing girl!  Watch this video and see how this happened.  You just have to watch!