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Jason Kertson, Guitar Genius, For Your Listening Pleasure

This incredible musical showcase would seem like showing off if it didn’t sound so beautiful! This talented teen isn’t just about gimmicks; he’s about making great music. Of course, if he just happens to blow your mind with his flashy skills, all the better! You won’t believe your eyes – or your ears.  The song: “Drifting,” by Andy McKee.

Just had to share this very talented young teenager’s guitar playing.  In this video he is playing 2 guitars simultaneously.  If you haven’t heard his playing before, then you’re in for a musical treat, indeed!

More Music in My LIfe

Today, I decided to put some music into my life for a change.  Started to go through the CDs just taking up space in a drawer; not pulling their weight at all.  Needed to chase away some blues.  The sun is out, the fluffy, cottony puffs of clouds are giving some relief to the vast blue sky, the temp is just right, there’s a soft breeze – a perfect Springtime day in South Florida.  But, this great bit of Paradise just wasn’t getting through to me today.

Backing up a little – while surfing the channels, I came across the old movie, “Beaches.”  Sat down and watched it – it had just begun, so my timing was perfect.

Beaches poster.

Beaches poster.

I had enjoyed it many years ago in the theater.  I was always a fan of Bette – such a talent; however, I had forgotten that the movie was sad at the end.  But I was caught up in the story and in the performances, so I sat through it to the end.  This, and some disturbing news I heard this morning topped off my mood, I’m sure.

So, moving forward:  It’s been a long time since the house reverberated with the “Sound of Music.”  I found a CD entitled, “Experience the Divine.”

Experience the Divine

Experience the Divine

A collection of Bette’s rendition of popular songs of the time (1993).  Of course, there was the “Wind Beneath My Wings.”  It tugged at my heart; sure, it was beautifully sung.  But it was also my late husband’s favorite song.  I allowed myself to get kind of melancholy.  It was a bitter-sweet few minutes, but it made me feel calm inside – reflective.  Thinking thoughts with good memories.

Another song which I like so much is “From A Distance.”  Bette’s phrasing is, in my opinion, superb.  She puts so much of herself into her performances.

I also found a collection of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Greatest Hits.”

The cover on my CD album.

The cover on my CD album.

Scarborough Fair” was such a popular song and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that one.  Simon & Garfunkel performed in many concerts in many venues, but this one was in Central Park.  If there was a roof, they would have brought it down!

The famous “Mrs Robinson” fell on friendly ears, that’s for sure.  I personally believe they performed this one more than any other.  The “Sound of Silence” also brings back fond memories.  When my children were very young, we used to live across the street from the owner of a small landscaping nursery who swore he knew Simon & Garfunkel.

Well, needless to say, I have happily welcomed music back into my home and into my life again.

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