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That Pesky Important Little STICKER!

One of my neighbors died last week, and I had made arrangements with my sister and brother-in-law to meet them at the widow’s house to pay a condolence call at 2 pm yesterday,.  I planned on taking my car, even though it was in walking distance, because my sister was going to accompany me on an errand afterwards.

As I walked around the back of my car to get to the driver side, something caught my eye.  I did the old “double take,” but this wasn’t a comedy.  This was serious.  The sticker on the upper right corner of my license plate showed, “05-14”!!  What?!?

Sample of the STICKER.

Sample of the STICKER.

I did a “triple take.”  Is there such a thing?  Yes.  I still couldn’t believe my eyes.  My birthday was May 28th, and here it was June 22nd.  I was sure I paid for the vehicle registration renewal, but now, I started doubting myself.  Could I have been so forgetful?  Don’t I get reminders in the mail?  Of course, I do.  But, maybe this year, I didn’t?  And if I did, did I go online to pay the fee?  And, if I did, and it came in the mail, did I misplace it?  All kinds of questioning thoughts were running through my head.

I ran into my office and got onto the Florida Highway and Motor Vehicle website.  I put in all the required info on the “go-renew” page, and it kept telling me that the info I was inputting was not recognized!  Ugh!  Maybe I’m too nervous, and I made a typo.  Tried again, got the same response.  I was starting to sweat.  What was happening?

I looked in my wallet – the registration from last year was there, but not a new one.  Great!

I was already a half hour late to meet sister at the widow’s house.  Called sister on her cell, and explained why I was late as best I could (and I probably wasn’t making too much sense because my words were getting all jumbled), and I’ll be there soon.  Had to go, so I drove the car there, anyway.

police car

You’re probably thinking this ended up with a police car passing by and the officer noticing my expired license sticker.  But, it didn’t happen.  It would have been a proper ending to this story, but that’s not it.  Ha.

No.  After searching frantically all over the house later in the day, and not finding any clue as to where I might have placed the renewal, if I did indeed receive it, I gave up.  I had to calm down and THINK.  I’m at a stage in life where it is easy to forget things, so you will have to understand that it is possible I may get CONFUSED, folks!

where am i

Aha!  My mind was working again.  Why don’t I go into my bank account online and see if I PAID for the renewal?  Good idea, Carol.  Voila!  Found it!  Paid on April 6th!!  OK, now I know my mind is working – I did pay the fee.


This morning, I got on the phone and called Tallahassee, FL.  After all, why not go to the source?

After spending over an hour waiting on hold, a lovely young voice asked me if she could help me.  After my explanation, she told me that yes, she has it on record I paid.  Well that’s good – it coincided with my records (which I printed out).  She told me she updated my records to show that the renewal was in force, so there wasn’t anything to worry about.  WORRY?  NAH!  But, I still don’t have something to prove my registration was current.  “Do you want me to mail it to you?  It will take up to 10 days to receive it in the mail.”   You can guess what my answer was.

So, I high-tailed it down to the county administration building, and after a full hour’s wait, finally got my renewal in hand along with the sticker to affix to my license plate.

Mission accomplished!


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Emails and Phone Calls

The day has been a mixture of sun and rain, temp around 80(!).  The weather here in South Florida can change every half hour.

Got a call from my new friend (remember the wine tasting?).  She was supposed to attend a violinist performance with me on Sunday, but it turns out she may not be able to after all.

Another friend has some car problems, and I’ve offered some suggestions (I’m not auto-mechanically-inclined) regarding her problem.  We chatted amiably by email.

Got another phone call from my friend in Connecticut.  She’s coming for a visit in a couple of weeks, and she’s on a Jenny Craig diet now, so we had much to discuss regarding food!

Daughter called and we talked about her day, and what she has planned for her weekend.  She’s a very busy person!

Called my sister late in the evening.  It was her husband’s birthday today, and I forgot to send a card (hand-slapping going on here).  Got him on the phone and wished him a good one; after all, it still was before midnight!

Taking time out from mundane chores to interact with the important people in my life gives me much pleasure.  Do you take the time?

Another Rainy Day in South Florida?

Would you believe?  Well, it’s so much better than what is going on in the rest of the Good Ol’ USA!

Rainy weather vector | Price: 1 Credit (USD $1)

I’m really not complaining.  I don’t do much of that, thank heavens.

I love when the day’s happenings are kind of “impromptu,” don’t you?  That’s what happened today.

I knew I had to get more litter for my “babies,” and it was getting real close to lunchtime.  A change of scenery is also most welcomed.  I called (guess who?) sis again, and, as she was available, we went on our merry way!

First stop was to Petsmart, of course.


Litter (and some extra food) was loaded into car and next stop:  PIZZA!

Our favorite Italian restaurant, of course.  And we talked and talked and laughed and laughed.  That’s what sisters do, right?

The moral of this short story is:  if you have the fortune to have a sister whom you love, and loves you back, spend as much time as you can, enjoying each other!

A Day of Accomplishment

Wow!  I made a decision earlier today.  Decided to resurrect another blog that I had started in 2011, and my last blog post was in March 2012.  It’s about my 3 cats, called:  “Pussycats3.”  Isn’t that original?  It took me a long time to come up with that one!

Now, that has put a big exclamation mark on my day!

If you are curious about it, here’s the url:  http://www.pussycats3.wordpress.com

Another highlight of my day, which always makes me happy, is having lunch with my sister.  Think:  some more banter, silliness, laughing with such pleasure, and some information of various kinds thrown in for good measure.

Today’s post is shorter than I would have it, but since I used up a good portion of my “posting” time for today with Pussycats3, I’m ready to call it a day and “shuffle off to….” no, not to Buffalo.  This has been quite a meaningful day for me, and hope it has been a positive day for you all.