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Valentina, The Whale, Is Saved

I came across a wonderful video of the saving of a whale!  The rescuers were members of The Great Whale Conservancy.  While boating in the Sea of Cortez, they happened upon a young female humpback whale that they thought was dead.  There was no movement.

When they got closer, the whale blew air out of her blow hole.  She evidently was signalling she was in distress.

I was so glued to the 8-minute video, that I was almost holding my breath while watching the heroic efforts on the part of the boaters.

Michael Fishback, one of the founders of the Conservancy, narrates the encounter.  It was discovered that that poor whale was grossly entangled in a fishing net, which prevented her from moving.

Their website is http://www.greatwhaleconservancy.org and please join them in helping to save these magnificent animals.

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