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From New Toy To New Apparel

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It’s always interesting to me to watch my cats’ reactions to a new toy.  Sometimes they will get excited (rarely happens) and at other times, their reactions are surprising. This time, Romeo seemed to like…

Cool Cat

They don’t come any smarter.

Pussy Cats 3

Romeo is a very smart cat.  He opens closet doors, he gives me his paw what I say, “Shake.”  And, he, among other things, can find the best spot to keep cool on the sunny patio:  in the shade under a chair.

cool cat

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Romeo Is Surrounded!

That’s my Romeo!

Pussy Cats 3

He loves his toys.  They’re his friends, too.

surrounds himself with toys 2

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C’mon Romeo

He’s a special boy!

Pussy Cats 3

Romeo is such a good boy.  I think he would follow me anywhere!

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Unlikely Nap Mates

All of a sudden, Patches and Romeo are “nap” buddies. I think it’s really because there is competition for that spot!

Pussy Cats 3

Patches and Romeo are not “buddies,” but occasionally they surprise me with their activities.  I caught them together on the loveseat, and photographed them over several hours’ time as they changed positions.

Unlikely Nap Mates


Unlikely 2

Unlikely 3

Unlikely 4

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Peacock Feather Wild

He’s a WILD ONE!!

Pussy Cats 3

Romeo is usually quite a well-mannered boy; however, show him a peacock feather, and he goes wild!!  Here’s the “proof of the pudding.”


Romeo-feather 2

Romeo-feather 3

Romeo-feather 4

Romeo-feather 5

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A Busy-Box for Cats

Romeo, one of my cats, enjoys playing with the “busy-box” occasionally. Even though he is a quiet boy, there are times when he shows interest in a toy – not for long, but he does. I try to make it a habit to keep my camera close at hand, just in case “magic” happens. I hope you enjoy.

Pussy Cats 3

I took out the busy-box for some intellectual stimulation a couple of times this morning.  First time on the bed; second time on the bench by the window.  Romeo particularly, likes this toy.  I have to mention that Romeo is my quiet boy, and he hardly ever gets excited about anything.  He usually just likes to make himself comfortable somewhere – anywhere – and looks beautiful.  But, he is very sweet.  When he wants my attention, he stretches out his paw to me when I’m sitting, taps me on my shoulder so gently and voices his request with his gentle “mow.”

Looking for one of the toys. Looking for one of the toys.

I think I got it. I think I got it.

This looks interesting. This looks interesting.

It smells good, too. It smells good, too.

Next stop, the bench.

Hmm, what do I do now? Hmm, what do I do now?

Oh yeah, there's that toy I liked before. Oh yeah, there’s that toy I liked before.

It's not that easy to get it out. It’s not that easy to get it out.

Something more interesting is going on outside. Something more interesting is going…

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