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Romeo Likes Birds…. Feathers, That Is

Reblogging this post from Pussycats 3. Romeo is in the spotlight.

Pussy Cats 3

Romeo doesn’t usually get excited about his toys – maybe they’re all too old.  But, actually, there haven’t been that many things that have really set him off.  Until…..

Romeo, I have a surprise for you! Romeo, I have a surprise for you!

Wow!  I didn't expect such a reaction. Wow! I didn’t expect such a reaction.

Go get 'im, Romeo. Go get ‘im, Romeo.

It does my heart good, to see him enjoy himself!

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A Day of Accomplishment

Wow!  I made a decision earlier today.  Decided to resurrect another blog that I had started in 2011, and my last blog post was in March 2012.  It’s about my 3 cats, called:  “Pussycats3.”  Isn’t that original?  It took me a long time to come up with that one!

Now, that has put a big exclamation mark on my day!

If you are curious about it, here’s the url:  http://www.pussycats3.wordpress.com

Another highlight of my day, which always makes me happy, is having lunch with my sister.  Think:  some more banter, silliness, laughing with such pleasure, and some information of various kinds thrown in for good measure.

Today’s post is shorter than I would have it, but since I used up a good portion of my “posting” time for today with Pussycats3, I’m ready to call it a day and “shuffle off to….” no, not to Buffalo.  This has been quite a meaningful day for me, and hope it has been a positive day for you all.