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Ode to Presidents Day

Sitting here, waiting for my friend to arrive this afternoon, I thought I would say something about the Presidents Day holiday.  It’s a federal holiday, school children are off, and in many states, it is a day off from work.

I wonder what reminders the teachers gave their students, as to the holiday’s purpose.  When I was in elementary school in Brooklyn, there was no Presidents’ Day:  there was a celebration of 2 presidents’ birthdays.  Feb. 12th was President Lincoln’s birthday and Feb. 22nd was President Washington’s birthday.  Both were given the honor of separate days of birthday celebration.

Children were given assignments and craft ideas to signify the importance of the holiday.  One of the popular sayings that the young students were taught was that Washington said, “I did it, Father.  I cannot tell a lie,” when his father asked, “Who chopped down the cherry tree?”  There were many drawings of axes and trees that were supposed to be cherry trees.  Lincoln freed the slaves and held the states together in one union.  It was all very simplistic, as was life back then.  What a mess we have now.

We commemorate Presidents Day, a federal holiday honoring the 44 men who have served and is serving as commander-in-chief.  It is my great hope that one day, there will be a woman in the White House.