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A Negative Turned Into A Positive

Had a 2:15 appointment at a dental office today.  Was almost there, when my phone rang and was told that my dental appliance didn’t arrive yet and the office wanted to push my appointment back to 3:30, when they were expecting that the delivery would be made.  I was so annoyed, that I hung up on the girl, after yelling at her that I should have been notified before I left home for the appointment.

This office isn’t around the corner from where I live.  The round trip is almost 25 miles.  So, I made a “u-ey” and went back home.

Mulled over what happened and called the office.  Told the girl I won’t make another appointment until the dentist calls me as soon as he can.  He did call in the early evening and stated that they still didn’t get the delivery.  He was very apologetic, and due to my inconveniences, he said I will have a nice reduction in my bill and get a free teeth bleaching!

I’ll take a 25-mile ride again for that kind of consideration.

Well, I Know It’s Better Than All White

This is my pleasurable time of day.  I got some color in my blog, finally. 

WordPress wasn’t going to help me get back the original design of the theme, because I haven’t received any support email. 

I fooled around with it (I’m good at that; however, I didn’t get positive results with my original “fooling around” did I?).

I decided to go to Bing, where I was able to access clip art, images, photos, etc. of all kinds.  The search help is great; the choices are seemingly infinite, and I found it hard to make a decision as to what would look presentable, and with what I would be pleased. 

Among the other choices were:


but I figured the one I chose would be easier on the eyes.

I feel good about this evening’s work.  Hope you all do, too.  Please let me know what you think.


A Trip to Publix (One of Many)

A few days ago, I went to Publix, our favorite supermarket.  My husband used to go there quite regularly and did all the shopping and planned our meals around what was on sale.  I used to chide him about how often he went there.  Now, I understand!  Publix’s motto is:  “Where shopping is a pleasure.”  The one nearest is only 1/4 of a mile.

One of the items I bought was a canteloupe.  BAD CHOICE.  As usual, I left it on the counter to “ripen.”  Yesterday, I cut it in half in preparation for cutting chunks.  I really was looking forward to having that for several days.  Love fruit, and started getting tired of the canned mandarin orange sections I usually have.  Don’t get me wrong – I love mandarin oranges, but it can get tiresome after a week and a half of nothing but that when I wanted fruit.

So, back to the canteloupe:  it looked OK, but I smelled it anyway – that is the real TEST!  Good thing my olfactory machinery was working up to its high standard.  Only needed half a sniff.  Wrapped it up and back it went today.

Now, all this is leading up to the real reason of today’s post.  I can get carried away sometimes.  Just ask my sister and daughter!

While at the customer service counter, returning the canteloupe, there was a woman behind me, waiting her turn.  A man happened to ask where some coupons were, and the clerk pointed over to the opposite wall where they were lined up in a promotional stand.  He thanked the clerk and went away.  The woman behind me made some remark about “some people can’t see what’s in front of them.”  She was having a negative day, alright.

Well, I turned to her and chatted up about everybody has days where they can’t see what’s in front of them.  I said, “Haven’t you ever opened up your refrigerator and couldn’t find what it was you were looking for, and then, all of a sudden, you could kick yourself because it was there right in front of your nose?”  She forced herself to agree with me.  Then I told her about an incident when my husband was complaining that he couldn’t find his glasses, and I heard him going from room to room.  Finally, he came into the kitchen where I was, and I looked at him and burst out laughing.  He was wearing them!  Well, I made the woman smile.

And you know what?  My whole attitude changed.  No more being annoyed about the canteloupe and having to make the extra trip to Publix.  I had a few more things to buy in the store (more fruit), and everywhere I went, I was smiling and chatting up with people.  It felt great.

A Day of Accomplishment

Wow!  I made a decision earlier today.  Decided to resurrect another blog that I had started in 2011, and my last blog post was in March 2012.  It’s about my 3 cats, called:  “Pussycats3.”  Isn’t that original?  It took me a long time to come up with that one!

Now, that has put a big exclamation mark on my day!

If you are curious about it, here’s the url:  http://www.pussycats3.wordpress.com

Another highlight of my day, which always makes me happy, is having lunch with my sister.  Think:  some more banter, silliness, laughing with such pleasure, and some information of various kinds thrown in for good measure.

Today’s post is shorter than I would have it, but since I used up a good portion of my “posting” time for today with Pussycats3, I’m ready to call it a day and “shuffle off to….” no, not to Buffalo.  This has been quite a meaningful day for me, and hope it has been a positive day for you all.