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It’s Bath Time

I believe cats spend almost half their day grooming and bathing themselves.  Every time we turn around, they’re busy giving themselves a bath.

Pussy Cats 3

Cats are very clean animals.  One of their greatest pleasures is giving themselves a bath.  Many times, I can hear them purring while they are engrossed in licking every inch of fur.

It's bath time for Patches. It’s bath time for Patches.  She takes great pleasure in her bath time.

Bath time for Rusty.  It's one of those things he does best. Bath time for Rusty. It’s one of those things he does best.

Unfortunately, Romeo wasn’t available for his bath this time.  Maybe I’ll catch him next time.

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I Don’t Care What’s Happening Outside

I really don’t.  It’s been raining, drizzling, totally cloudy, and getting cold as the sun set right now.  I really dismal day.

It’s bright and sunny in my home.  I’m enjoying my day – doing things I like to do, watching my TV programs in the background.  Spoke to several people on the phone, followed the ducks and white ibises on the lake out back.

Generally having a relaxing one.  Yesterday was busy and tomorrow will be also.

I had an interesting and uplifting phone conversation this morning.  Uplifting for the person I was speaking with, but for me, also.  It was a win-win situation kind of thing.  This lady – really no more than an acquaintance, but someone I have known for many years – had asked me to do her a favor several days ago, and I had to mull it over – she had asked me to set aside my “principles” and go forward.  We chatted about different things, and then casually I told her I made a decision:  it was a positive one.  I said I would do it.  Well, as soon as I said it, I could hear the smile on her face – her voice showed it all.  Her pleasure came through so strongly over the phone.  And a strange thing happened to me.  Actually a few things happened to me.  I felt relieved; pleased; and surprised.  I surprised myself – I had stood on this “principle” for a few years;  I was relieved finally, that I went over that “hump” that I was avoiding for so long; and definitely pleased with myself that the whole affair was resolved.  But, most of all, I felt happy, as if I had given a gift that took me great time and effort and to finally wrap up with gift wrapping and a bow for a special occasion.  Giving had its own rewards.  Rewards totally unexpected.

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A Day of Accomplishment

Wow!  I made a decision earlier today.  Decided to resurrect another blog that I had started in 2011, and my last blog post was in March 2012.  It’s about my 3 cats, called:  “Pussycats3.”  Isn’t that original?  It took me a long time to come up with that one!

Now, that has put a big exclamation mark on my day!

If you are curious about it, here’s the url:  http://www.pussycats3.wordpress.com

Another highlight of my day, which always makes me happy, is having lunch with my sister.  Think:  some more banter, silliness, laughing with such pleasure, and some information of various kinds thrown in for good measure.

Today’s post is shorter than I would have it, but since I used up a good portion of my “posting” time for today with Pussycats3, I’m ready to call it a day and “shuffle off to….” no, not to Buffalo.  This has been quite a meaningful day for me, and hope it has been a positive day for you all.