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Termite Man

Got up a little late this morning, and hurried to get the cats taken care of.  Expecting the guy from the termite control.  No, thank heavens, I don’t have that problem (others, yes); it’s just the annual checkup and annual fee.  He’s supposed to come between 9 and 11.  Got a call at 8:30 to say he wasn’t coming due to the fact that we’ve had so much rain within the last 24 hours.  Asked if he could come tomorrow at the same scheduled time.  Sure.  I checked my appointment book.  He said the subterranean termites dig deeper when the soil is too moist.  Just what I could use:  termites that dig deeper!


So, I figured I didn’t have to rush after all!  Good.

Had breakfast and got onto the computer.  The phone rings at 11:15.  It’s him (Nick) again.  He’s decided that he could come over after all, and could be over in 15 minutes.  I guess I have to rush again, because I didn’t get dressed yet!  I don’t like it when my day isn’t going as expected.  I prefer to have things go according to my schedule – that’s why I have an appointment book.  I feel more comfortable if things go according to schedule; but, life isn’t that way, as I learn over again all the time.  I’m really not that bad – with age, it gets better!


So, there he comes.  I followed him all around the perimeter of my house to see actually what his job is all about.  Very boring – digging around in the spots against the house that look a little more moist than others.  That’s it!  Good report!! 🙂  Don’t have to worry until another year.  Whew!