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Elevator Elevation

I know we all have had to use an elevator on occasion and had to share the space with other passengers.  Do you look at the other people?  Do you smile?  Do they smile back?

Do they look up?  Or at the floor? Or at the floor number display?  Anywhere but at the faces of their fellow passengers, preferring to stare at the backs of their heads.  Strangers gathered together in a relatively tiny space for a mutual purpose.


There is no common reason for people unknown to each other to stand so close; bodies touching in a crowded small room, other than waiting to be taken to their floor destinations.  Invading the others’ space.  Body odors; perfume fragrances fighting for dominance.  Making room for “just one more.”  Standing back for the person using a walker or a mother carrying her baby.

A little over a week ago, I had to take an elevator to see my doctor.  There were three other persons who crowded into the tiny elevator with me.  A friendly-looking elderly woman with her walker and her companion, and a gentleman who had a scowl on his face.

When the elevator got to the second floor, I started to walk out.  On a whim, I turned and said, “Have a nice day.”

The three passengers were startled.  But, they all smiled and wished me the same – even the scowling man.

I’m assuming I put a little sunshine into the rest of their elevator ride, but the “feel good” bonus was mine for the rest of my day.

Never miss an opportunity to make others happy and enjoy the personal “elevating” rewards.

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2 Doesn’t Always Make A Perfect Couple – Or Does It?

I’m a softy for animals.  Kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, and then any other baby animal.  They’re all so innocent and trusting – usually lots of fun, and a huge source of enjoyment and happy.

Today, I was intrigued by a program on NatGeoWild.  Showcased were different, unlikely animal friends, and I was transfixed.

An elephant calf and a sheep were so cuddly and playful together; you would think that, with the elephant’s size and bulk, there would be some mishaps.  But, there weren’t any.  The touching and playing was with great gentleness.  And it was so evident that they greatly enjoyed each other.  The sheep was offered as a friend to the calf to help him recover his health, and the medical team was overjoyed when the elephant bonded with the sheep.

Then, there was the polar bear and the dog.  This was in the northern reaches of western Canada – in the wild!  The polar bear had come down from the colder clime to spend the winter where it was warmer.  He was waiting for the ice to form on the water, where he would be able to hunt for seals.  So, in the meantime, he had a great playmate!  It was shocking to watch how they hugged and pawed each other in playfulness.  One of those big, full-of-claws paws could have proven to be a deadly weapon.  Of course, it didn’t happen.

There were other anecdotes that I enjoyed watching.  After the program ended, I thought, “….and wouldn’t it be (wishful thinking) great if people would get along like these unlikely animal friends got along?”