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“I Remember ME” – The Movie


This original movie, “I remember ME,” is a biographical documentary about ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), by Kim Snyder.  She shows just how devastating the illness is to persons afflicted.

If you watch only the first 20 minutes of the movie, you will see, towards the end of the 20 minutes, how disparagingly the 259 patients afflicted, and the disease, were treated by the representatives of the CDC at Incline Village in Lake Tahoe; in fact, it is stated that these representatives had fun skiing and taking advantage of all the social activities offered by the location instead of concentrating on the reason why they were sent there.  It was this delegation from the CDC that described these symptoms as “chronic fatigue syndrome” because they didn’t really know what the symptoms were, and they had to file the report of their “findings.”

Snyder’s travels are chronicled for four years as she tries to find answers about the mysterious illness with which she was finally diagnosed, after visiting several doctors.  The motivation for Snyder was her fluctuating partial improvements followed by relapses of debilitating symptoms she experienced.  Snyder was given many contradictory diagnoses for her symptoms, along with various drugs that were of no help to her.

The movie researches the history of the disease which takes Snyder to Florida, where a cluster outbreak occurred in 1956, and to Lake Tahoe, where many people became ill in the mid-1980s.  The Florida victims were women who were “described in a medical journal as having hysterical paralysis.”  She interviewed several of the women who became ill and later “recovered.”  A group still meets to discuss their experiences with the illness.  The Nevada group was a severe outbreak and Snyder interviewed treating doctor Daniel Peterson along with several of his patients.  Peterson describes how the Centers for Disease Control investigated, but he does not believe that they intended to take the illness seriously.  Peterson takes the illness very seriously, and seven of his patients have committed suicide.

Several other notable individuals with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (referred to in the movie as “CFS”) are interviewed, and they clearly express their lengthy “excruciating misery” in battling the illness.  The interviews included movie director Blake Edwards, United States Olympic soccer gold medalist Michelle Akers, and a high school senior in Connecticut, bedridden for two years who is transported by ambulance to his high school graduation.

Snyder thoroughly investigates the illness but by the end of the movie few of the answers she sought at the beginning of her quest were found.

Snyder was, at the time, a New York-based filmmaker who worked on not-for-profit projects in the film world.  Kim was struck down with M.E. in the mid-1990s while working as an assistant producer with Jodie Foster on Home For the Holidays.

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More Music in My LIfe

Today, I decided to put some music into my life for a change.  Started to go through the CDs just taking up space in a drawer; not pulling their weight at all.  Needed to chase away some blues.  The sun is out, the fluffy, cottony puffs of clouds are giving some relief to the vast blue sky, the temp is just right, there’s a soft breeze – a perfect Springtime day in South Florida.  But, this great bit of Paradise just wasn’t getting through to me today.

Backing up a little – while surfing the channels, I came across the old movie, “Beaches.”  Sat down and watched it – it had just begun, so my timing was perfect.

Beaches poster.

Beaches poster.

I had enjoyed it many years ago in the theater.  I was always a fan of Bette – such a talent; however, I had forgotten that the movie was sad at the end.  But I was caught up in the story and in the performances, so I sat through it to the end.  This, and some disturbing news I heard this morning topped off my mood, I’m sure.

So, moving forward:  It’s been a long time since the house reverberated with the “Sound of Music.”  I found a CD entitled, “Experience the Divine.”

Experience the Divine

Experience the Divine

A collection of Bette’s rendition of popular songs of the time (1993).  Of course, there was the “Wind Beneath My Wings.”  It tugged at my heart; sure, it was beautifully sung.  But it was also my late husband’s favorite song.  I allowed myself to get kind of melancholy.  It was a bitter-sweet few minutes, but it made me feel calm inside – reflective.  Thinking thoughts with good memories.

Another song which I like so much is “From A Distance.”  Bette’s phrasing is, in my opinion, superb.  She puts so much of herself into her performances.

I also found a collection of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Greatest Hits.”

The cover on my CD album.

The cover on my CD album.

Scarborough Fair” was such a popular song and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that one.  Simon & Garfunkel performed in many concerts in many venues, but this one was in Central Park.  If there was a roof, they would have brought it down!

The famous “Mrs Robinson” fell on friendly ears, that’s for sure.  I personally believe they performed this one more than any other.  The “Sound of Silence” also brings back fond memories.  When my children were very young, we used to live across the street from the owner of a small landscaping nursery who swore he knew Simon & Garfunkel.

Well, needless to say, I have happily welcomed music back into my home and into my life again.

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Twists and Turns

On the surface, it started out like a usual day:  Take care of the cats (grooming and feeding), have breakfast, check and answer emails in my personal inbox, etc.

Got a phone call from sis.  She and hubby invited me to join them at the movie theater.  Oh yes!  Right!  It’s Tuesday!  It’s the official Movie Day in her house.  She was planning to see a movie that I’ve been wanting to see:  “12 Years a Slave.”  Had a quick lunch, picked them up, and off we went.

Still of Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years a Slave (2013)

Well, I have to tell you, it was one of the best movies I’ve seen.  It was first recommended to me by a very dear friend named Robin.  The title tells you what it’s about.  No holds barred on this one.  Powerful.  Brad Pitt makes a surprise, small appearance near the end.  Here’s the link to a trailer:


Recommended without any hesitations.  Won’t go into details; if you’re curious (and haven’t heard about it), look it up at http://www.imdb.com/

Have to interrupt this blog – one of my cats, Rusty, who has made himself very comfortable on my desk, has “chirped” at me to let me know I have to stop typing and pet him.  And if I don’t do it now, he will continue “chirping.”  Petting done, now I can continue!!!

Rusty playing with Pet Zone - good one 2

Err, not really.  Romeo has just joined Rusty on my desk, and is needing some petting also.

Romeo-on patio chair-good one

Oops!  How can I continue typing if Romeo’s tail is laying on my keyboard?

OK, boys, can I continue now?  Thanks.

Checked my Sunshine inbox to see a very lovely and supportive comment from one of my bloggers that I follow.  I felt truly humbled.  She has been supporting me on every blog this “newbie” has posted.  Thanks so much, Cher.  Please check out her wonderful “The Chicago Files” at http://thechicagofiles.wordpress.com/ and you will learn so much about the “windy city” in a light, humorous way.

This is a special day.  My late husband’s birthday.  Of course, I think of him every day, but this day was his birthday.  It still is.  His son and his family, who live in NC, called this evening just to chat and check up on me.  He’s so thoughtful – always was.  I gave them an earful about my last few days, and, since he’s always been close with his Dad, spoke about him.  It was a lovely call, and I think I kept him on far longer than I thought I would. It was just so good speaking to him and his wife.  I do miss them.

So, this “Twisting and Turning” day was just that.  I ran the gamut of many different emotions, and best of all, I will fall asleep tonight, knowing it was a good day after all.