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Connect the Dots, Vaccine Edition

I have become magnetized by the “discussions” about: “Vaccine or no vaccine?” On the “pro” side, all I hear is: “It’s safe. All the scientific evidence points to its safety.” On the “con” side, I’m hearing many personal stories about why vaccines are believed to be not safe. The WHO (World Health Organization) has my respect more than Pharma, which is profit-driven. If you didn’t have a “wake-up” call before, read this post to be enlightened.

I’m going to start by giving you the big picture:

It’s about fungal-viral synergy and injecting live vaccines into immunocompromised hosts. Somebody stop the presses, because we are in trouble.

Our “free” press has bellyflopped into the vaccine debate by wholeheartedly supporting Pharm.gov, no questions asked. They freely bash anyone who merely implies that, um, maybe we should take a closer look here–without realizing that they have become pimps to an industry that wants nothing more than a world of drug whore slaves. News reporters have become talking heads for their media conglomerate bosses, blindly spewing their spoon-fed opinions while totally rejecting curiosity–curiosity that might lead them to the truth if only they could employ two brain cells to connect the dots.

I am going to provide some dots.

Fungi are so well known to suppress the immune system and reactivate viruses that I should be able to letCariDee

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