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At 12:01am Today, Marijuana Became Legal in Washington DC


Our nation’s capital city has come over to the legalization of “pot.”  This is a “huge symbolic conquest” for decriminalizing the use of marijuana in the United States.  Please see article on ReverbPress.

Of course, there are limitations:

“Residents will be allowed to own three plants and possess up to 2 ounces of pot for use at home. Buying and selling, as well as using marijuana in public, will remain illegal.”

The legalization of marijuana in Washington DC came about through a voter-approved initiative.  Mayor Bowser and the city officials could face charges and prison time for pushing this initiative through.  Nearly two-thirds of the voters in DC approved it in November’s election.


Congress, in its inevitable procrastination wisdom, tried to kill the initiative by trying to ban the funding for regulation of marijuana in the capital city.  But, Congress’ action was too late. The voters had already decided.

“There was a major reason behind the successful referendum to legalize marijuana in DC, and its imminent implementation.”

There is great significance in DC’s actions.  The prohibition and criminalization of marijuana possession affected citizens’ civil rights.  People of color were arrested three times more frequently than whites for possession.

The demand from the voters was so overwhelming, that in comparing the defunding vs the legalization of marijuana, the City Council  decided to not stand in the way of the voters’ wishes.

“Attorney General Eric Holder has presided over the first significant decline in the crime rate and the prison population in decades, and it is time for Washington to consider shutting down the ‘drug war’ machine that systematically ruins the lives of black people.”


The District of Columbia is the first place east of the Mississippi River where recreational pot is legal. Alaska also legalized pot this week, joining Colorado and Washington state.

Congress still might sue the City and the Justice Department is threatening to prosecute the DC officials … and Congress continues to huff and puff.