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Llewellyn King Is Passionate In His Advocacy for ME

Llwellyn King offers his take on how sufferers of ME cannot enjoy this holiday season as others can, who are not afflicted.  Those suffering with ME are forced to bear the loneliness that the isolation of being ill with this chronic illness brings.  Socializing is drastically reduced.

He speaks of the necessity of focusing on the love that the family members, lovers and dear friends give to the chronically ill, especially ME patients.  Llewellyn is passionate as he reveals why he and others have taken up the torch to advocate for this debilitating disease.

This video is short, but certainly to the point.  Please tune in.

A Tsunami of Disease?

We have a crisis in medical research.  Llewellyn King speaks of the great importance for our government to fund vital research to find an unquestionable biomarker, a treatment and a cure for ME.  Millions of people have had their lives taken away by this disastrous disease; where once, they were active members of society, pursuing their careers and fulfilling their life’s dreams, and then to be struck down by ME.

Let’s stop the indifference of our government.  We need to continue to send letters, and post notices on social media to keep ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) in the forefront.

Mr. King, in the video, eloquently puts forth his plea to have more government funding for the research that has already begun.  It must not stop.  It is imperative that it continue.