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9 Breathtaking Photos Show the Empire State Building All Lit Up for a Fantastic Cause

A marvelous Empire State Building tribute to our precious animal species.

The Fifth Column


The late Cecil the lion and other endangered species lit up the sides of the Empire State Building on Saturday, drawing attention to the plight of threatened creatures amid outrage over the recent illegal slaying of Cecil in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Time reports that the show, titled Projecting Change, is “part of a promotion for the upcoming documentary Racing Extinction.” The creators of the documentary describe themselves on Facebook as “a team of artists and activists expose the hidden world of extinction with never-before-seen images that will change the way we see the world.”

The team posted images to Facebook highlighting projections of various endangered animals on the landmark, including Cecil himself:




The Associated Press also captured some lovely images of the projections, which included tigers and whales:

Source: Craig Ruttle/AP
Source: Craig Ruttle/AP
Source: Craig Ruttle/AP
Source: Craig Ruttle/AP
Source: Craig Ruttle/AP

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Will’s Great Happiness…No Longer In A Cage.

The lion in this video has finally been let out of his cage. Watch his reaction.

Pussy Cats 3

I was brought to tears, watching this old circus lion frolicking in his first taste of freedom from his cage.  He is ecstatic.  It’s the first time he has experienced grass and other objects on the ground.  He enjoyed this new life in the sanctuary for five years before he died of old age.

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