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Florida Regulates Our “Grand Old Flag”


I just recently found out that my state of Florida has a bill which will become law on July 1st, named, “All-American Flag Act.”  It requires our state, counties and cities to purchase U.S. and Florida flags that are manufactured only in the USA, and made of domestic fabric and materials – nothing imported.  Before this bill, we were waving United States of America flags that were made in China!!

There is a similar rule which currently exists in Florida, and that requires our public schools to fly our national and state flags outdoors.  Also required is that there be a U.S. flag in every classroom.  I can’t imagine our children pledging their allegiance to our national flag, without there being one for them to look at while they pledge.  This rule is quite redundant.

But, I have to give our Florida legislature some credit for passing laws to show how patriotic we are  – after all.

Seriously, folks, I wish you all a great celebration on the birthday of our country.  Enjoy and be safe!