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Are We Going To Allow Congress to Snuff Social Security Disability?


I’ve heard “whisperings” about Congress’ focus on “routing out” the fraud perpetrated by “lazy,” “shiftless,” and “indolent” receivers of Social Security Disability (SSDI) checks.  The “do nothing” Congress, under the “preeminent” leadership of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, intends to do further harm to disabled and/or extremely ill persons by reducing their SSDI monthly payments.

SS Disability

Children, veterans, patients suffering from debilitating diseases, etc., – all who depend on their small “stipends,” – will be pushed further into the poverty classification if McConnell and Boehner have their way.

Our Republican Congress is desperate to show their constituents that their “duly elected” representatives are capable of showing some “progressive” action and can contribute to the “betterment” of governing.  So, why not pick on those who are the most vulnerable and who have the weakest voice?

It is troubling that the media seems fit to avoid this subject like the plague (or Ebola?); however, I did find an article, written by William Greider, appeared in The Nation.  In it, Mr. Greider expounds on the extreme shower of disservice that Congress plans to plummet down upon those most vulnerable.

“This is why we need “bleeding-heart liberals”—politicians who will stand up to defend the scorned and tell the truth about the Republicans’ propaganda. This season, the country has two tough-minded senators assuming that role—Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Sanders is ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee and Brown is ranking member of the Finance Committee’s subcommittee on Social Security. They will be heard in Washington. Given broad public support, they can smash Mitch McConnell’s plot to disable and maybe destroy Social Security.”

I hope that these two Senators will be able to rouse the support that is needed to keep our SSDI where it is, or – am I reaching too far? – even cause the increase that is so direly needed.


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