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Good News Report from the White House, USA, Re: Climate Changes

The following is the report, with video, explaining how our government is meeting the challenge of climate change:

“Today, we released the third National Climate Assessment report, by far the most comprehensive look ever at climate change impacts in the United States.

Based on four years of work by hundreds of experts from government, academia, corporations, and public-interest organizations, the Assessment confirms abundant data and examples that climate change isn’t some distant threat — it’s affecting us now.

Not only are the planet and the nation warming on average, but a number of types of extreme weather events linked to climate change have become more frequent or intense in many regions, including heat waves, droughts, heavy downpours, floods, and some kinds of destructive storms.

The good news is that there are sensible steps that we can take to protect this country and the planet.

Those steps include, importantly, the three sets of actions making up the Climate Action Plan that President Obama announced last June: cutting carbon pollution in America; increasing preparedness for and resilience to the changes in climate that already are ongoing; and leading the international response to the climate change challenge.

We’ve made great progress in the year since his announcement — but there’s much more work to be done.

Watch this short video to learn more about the new report and see how climate change is affecting people across the United States today:

Learn more about the new National Climate Assessment report.

Explore the full report, and find out how you can help — because every one of us has to do his or her part to meet the challenge of climate change.

Thank you,


Dr. John P. Holdren
Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy
The White House”

Replay Sunday and Happy Easter!

Please help! My daughter’s dearest friend needs caring people to come forward. She is losing her home, cannot work, and her disability claim has been denied due to a government error, which she is appealing.  Thank you for spreading the message.


First of all, Happy Easter -hope the bunny was good to all out there!

Secondly, I am re-posting this video because I care deeply about my friend. I am asking people to re-blog  this video -on your blog, on facebook, on twitter, etc. Please spread the word, as I am hoping to reach our goal.


If this seems pushy, I apologize. Being aware there are many things going on in this world and everyone can do so much, this is one thing I can do to make SG’s life a little easier, and so I am trying. If you would like to donate, even as little as $5.00, please go to http://www.gofundme.com/886ae8

It is much appreciated!

Many thanks again to Bill Griffin and his team at Crowdwish.com.

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How the U. S. Government is Abusing M.E. Patient Rights

Anyone who has been following blogs and tweets that highlight the plight of M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis) sufferers will know how desperate this fight is.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Awareness Blue Ribbon

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Awareness Blue Ribbon

The US government through the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) and NIH (National Institute of Health) is doing all it can to push down and stop the fight for proper recognition of M.E. as a neurological, not a psychological, chronic illness.

Please watch this video courtesy of Jeannette Burmeister, to view experts, patients, and advocates addressing the IOM (Institute of Medicine) at its first public hearing (it isn’t a long video, but brings out the important highlights).  The IOM has been charged, by the HHS, and with the approval of the NIH, to come up with a diagnosis criteria.  (BTW, it has been suggested that the IOM might even change the name of the disease to “Chronic Multi-symptom Illness,” like they did with the Gulf War Syndrome – what a fiasco for the veterans that was!)

The HHS contracted secretly with the IOM at a cost of taxpayers’ money of $1 million, to convene a panel of experts and non-experts of this disease (non-experts outweigh experts on this panel), to “work” on the criteria.  This is being terribly mishandled by our government, in the face of medical experts, patients, researchers, and advocates, who say “adopt the CCC” (Canadian Consensus Criteria).  Money is the underlying reason why M.E. sufferers are faring so poorly in more ways than one.  Insurance companies don’t want to pay for all the expensive tests that are required to establish diagnoses.

The CCC has been accepted by many countries around the world as their criteria for diagnosing M.E., and it would give verification and acceptance for the more than 1 million M.E. patients in the U.S. (the same number as HIV/AIDS patients) who are suffering with this debilitating disease.

Please do what you can to forward the advocacy for these patients who, for the most part, have lost their lives (literally) and those who have seen their former rich, qualitative, productive lives taken away by this debilitating illness.

And, what is the ray of sunshine in all of this?  We have hope.  Without hope, all is lost.



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