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Eek! A Mouse!!

Our short term house guest.

Our short term house guest.

One of the blogs I follow is Reality or Bust.  I just made a comment on her blog, in answer to her post titled, “Mice..”  It occurred to me that I could use my comment as a blog in my “Memories” archive, since it brought up an event in my life – nothing too extravagant, but a memory, just the same.  I wondered if anyone else might enjoy reading about it.  So, here it is:

“Reality, I just enjoyed reading this blog so much!  Loved finding out about all your animals.  Such a variety – wow.  I can understand that having mice in your house can be a great distraction, to say the least.

I have had one event concerning mice in my life. It concerns our first cat after we moved to Hicksville.  Her name was ‘Morris’.  Yes, she turned out to be a girl, as we found out after Lloyd (my son) named her. 

Dan (my husband at the time) and I had a houseful of guests one Saturday night, and it was getting warm in the house.  So, unbeknownst to me, someone opened up the back door screen.

Morris wandered into the house, and I think she was surprised to find so many people there.  She proceeded to give us all her ‘present’ right in the middle of the living room.  A mouse!  And it was alive!  I can’t describe all the screaming that ensued!  However, the poor thing didn’t move.  It was totally frigid with fright.  And I think Morris was totally frightened, but not frigid.  She summarily picked up the mouse in her mouth, and ran outside. 

That was the first and last time Morris graced our house with a ‘gift’.”


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I Don’t Care What’s Happening Outside

I really don’t.  It’s been raining, drizzling, totally cloudy, and getting cold as the sun set right now.  I really dismal day.

It’s bright and sunny in my home.  I’m enjoying my day – doing things I like to do, watching my TV programs in the background.  Spoke to several people on the phone, followed the ducks and white ibises on the lake out back.

Generally having a relaxing one.  Yesterday was busy and tomorrow will be also.

I had an interesting and uplifting phone conversation this morning.  Uplifting for the person I was speaking with, but for me, also.  It was a win-win situation kind of thing.  This lady – really no more than an acquaintance, but someone I have known for many years – had asked me to do her a favor several days ago, and I had to mull it over – she had asked me to set aside my “principles” and go forward.  We chatted about different things, and then casually I told her I made a decision:  it was a positive one.  I said I would do it.  Well, as soon as I said it, I could hear the smile on her face – her voice showed it all.  Her pleasure came through so strongly over the phone.  And a strange thing happened to me.  Actually a few things happened to me.  I felt relieved; pleased; and surprised.  I surprised myself – I had stood on this “principle” for a few years;  I was relieved finally, that I went over that “hump” that I was avoiding for so long; and definitely pleased with myself that the whole affair was resolved.  But, most of all, I felt happy, as if I had given a gift that took me great time and effort and to finally wrap up with gift wrapping and a bow for a special occasion.  Giving had its own rewards.  Rewards totally unexpected.

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How Can I Choose One?

My Favorite Quotes

Love the quote.

Today, I am the recipient of thoughtfulness. 

Opened up my inbox to find 2 eCards.  One from my daughter and one from her best friend.  Beautiful New Year wishes.  They are totally unselfish people.  They have their troubles (who doesn’t?), yet made me feel wanted and appreciated.  Made me happy

Then, I got a phone call.  A new friend (lovely woman) asked me to join her and her husband and 3 others for early New Year’s dinner. 

Then, my sister called.  She was in Costco, and had the list of items I had asked her to get for me when next she went there.  A little problem:  the pistachios I wanted was “slightly salted;” however, they had only “shelled” or “salt and pepper.”  I thanked her – “no thanks on that.”

The point:  the greatest gift is when someone (in this case, 4 people) gives of themselves.  Thoughtfulness – being the recipient of – is a source of happiness that is priceless.

A simple “thank you” is all I can muster up right now.

Have a great day!  And a great New Year!