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Cats ARE Smarter Than Dogs ….. See Below:

This is fun – maybe not for the dogs, though!

Pussy Cats 3

Well, we’ve heard it before, many times, and dog owners will always protest that their dogs are the smartest and much smarter than cats.

If you click on the video’s arrow below, you will witness the proof positive.  CATS RULE!!

Now, dog owners, what do you have to say about that?  Comments from cat guardians are also welcomed!

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Painted Faces

I loved this video.  And I laughed myself silly.  Hope you find it precious.


“If It Fits, I Sit”

Today, I have a different type of blog – something which is a special treat, in my opinion.  My daughter’s very close friend sent me an email with photos of animals in unusual positions.  Calling all animal lovers!!!


I call this one, “Made to Order.”


“If you’re thinking of taking this box, think again.”


“You’ll have to get up!  I have to print something and I’m in a rush.”


Recycled tree stump – perfect for an afternoon snooze.

As you all have probably guessed by now, I love animals, and next in line is that I love odd, funny photos with animals the subjects.  The captions are my thoughts as I first viewed these photos.

Hope you enjoyed!  I certainly did.