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Replay Sunday and Happy Easter!

Please help! My daughter’s dearest friend needs caring people to come forward. She is losing her home, cannot work, and her disability claim has been denied due to a government error, which she is appealing.  Thank you for spreading the message.

“If It Fits, I Sit”

Today, I have a different type of blog – something which is a special treat, in my opinion.  My daughter’s very close friend sent me an email with photos of animals in unusual positions.  Calling all animal lovers!!!


I call this one, “Made to Order.”


“If you’re thinking of taking this box, think again.”


“You’ll have to get up!  I have to print something and I’m in a rush.”


Recycled tree stump – perfect for an afternoon snooze.

As you all have probably guessed by now, I love animals, and next in line is that I love odd, funny photos with animals the subjects.  The captions are my thoughts as I first viewed these photos.

Hope you enjoyed!  I certainly did.

Emails and Phone Calls

The day has been a mixture of sun and rain, temp around 80(!).  The weather here in South Florida can change every half hour.

Got a call from my new friend (remember the wine tasting?).  She was supposed to attend a violinist performance with me on Sunday, but it turns out she may not be able to after all.

Another friend has some car problems, and I’ve offered some suggestions (I’m not auto-mechanically-inclined) regarding her problem.  We chatted amiably by email.

Got another phone call from my friend in Connecticut.  She’s coming for a visit in a couple of weeks, and she’s on a Jenny Craig diet now, so we had much to discuss regarding food!

Daughter called and we talked about her day, and what she has planned for her weekend.  She’s a very busy person!

Called my sister late in the evening.  It was her husband’s birthday today, and I forgot to send a card (hand-slapping going on here).  Got him on the phone and wished him a good one; after all, it still was before midnight!

Taking time out from mundane chores to interact with the important people in my life gives me much pleasure.  Do you take the time?