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Paradise Competition

I know, I know – Hawaii is known as the “Paradise” islands.  But there is another paradise that I’m more familiar with:  my South Florida.  Yes, it’s mine.  All mine.  And nobody can take it from me.

Am I being selfish?  Of course.  Today was all  mine, too:  no rain; puffy clouds, clear sky, perfect temp and all.

I know, I know – Hawaii has very clear, turquoise ocean all around the islands that stay pretty much the same temperature; however, Florida has gorgeous, different shades of blue and turquoise all around a whole, big peninsula – perfect for those who enjoy different water temps.  What could be better?

This one has almost a human face.  Quite lovely.

I know, I know – Hawaii has many different varieties of orchids that grow wild, causing much eye candy; however, this South Florida gal has plenty of different varieties of orchids that don’t grow wild – my next door neighbor is an orchid fanatic and they’re his “babies.”  Can you get any closer to these gorgeous, pampered top-of-the-heap flora?  No way.  Didn’t take any care on my part, either.  So, as far as I’m concerned, my neighbor’s “babies” are a “wild” gift of candy to my eyes.

An example of one of the varieties that my neighbor grows.

I could go on, but you get the idea.  This is a happy babe, enjoying the best of the good ol’ USA in winter.

Image credits:  Pinterest, first image; flickr, second image.