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No, I Wasn’t In A Fight!!


But I sure look like I was.

I was exhausted yesterday, when finally I came home.  It was a grueling day, and since I was totally “done in,” I let my sister drive us home.  Early to bed, for sure.

I got a surprise when I woke up.  My left eye was kind of sticky, and I couldn’t open it all the way.  Looking into the mirror (I was sorry I did), I got the whole picture of the new condition of my face – particularly, my nose.

The Mohs surgeon and his staff were very caring and well-trained.  It wasn’t as terrible as I had expected.  I think the scarred skin kind of protected my nose from the stinging of the anesthetic that I had braced myself for.  One slice and I was done.  On to the next battle!

The plastic surgeon was so nice, and so was his staff.  He studied my nose, and finally decided on a “battle plan.”  He was dealing with skin that was scarred from previous Mohs surgeries.  So, the strategic plan was “mapped out” and drawn.  Literally.  He used one of my favorite colored markers – purple.

More anesthetic, of course, and “let the games begin.”

I will save you from a photo of how my nose looks.  It’s not only my nose that is stitched up really well.  There is an inverted “V” between my eyebrows as well.  Tugging, pushing, pulling and prodding was in full force as the “captain” used all his armaments to tackle the enemy:  my nose.

Thank you for your well wishes.  Will be back as soon as I can keep my eyeglasses on for a longer time.  They are resting on the stitches. 😦