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Memory of The Dancing Patrick Swayze





I loved Patrick Swayze and still do.  His rough and tumble portrayal of a bouncer in “Roadhouse,” his sweet, sensual portrayal of a young man in love and then murdered in “Ghost,” and his summer romp in the Catskills in “Dirty Dancing” are still favorites of mine.  His dancing in the 40’s or 50’s timeline in “Dirty Dancing” was the highlight of the movie and its music is nostalgic.  I still play the CD in my car.  In memory, I can still feel the movement of the dances I used to dance with my first husband, Danny.

Patrick and his wife, Lisa Nieme, performed at the World Music Awards in 1994.  I had never known that his wife was such a superb dancer IMHO, and I very much enjoyed the two of them in this memorable performance.  They danced to the music of “All The Man That I Need,” sung by Whitney Houston.


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