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In The Company Of Lizards

I spend a lot of time in front of my computer; rather, in front of my Samsung display/TV screen.  My tower is off to the side and out of the way.  The display sits on my desk in front of the window in my office, so, with the verticals drawn away to the side in the morning, I can see all the happenings of bees, mosquitos, gnats, etc., on the screen and in front of it, flitting around.  What caught my eye, er, rather, the eye of the camera, were these two quite fat, healthy, cavorting lizards.


They are doing a great job in keeping the insects and bugs populations down.  All the lizards I see around the outside of my house all have fat bellies.  It’s a paradise down here in South Florida for all types of life:  humans included.

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Browser Controller Took Control of My Browser

I lost control of my computer when on the Internet last Thursday – one week ago.  I couldn’t believe that I, who writes a “Computer Tips” article for my local newspaper, got “hooked” by a “pop-up.”  Of all things!

Totally Lost Control

Totally Lost Control

My settings included the disabling of pop-ups.  So, how did this happen?  I can’t tell you, because I really don’t know.  All I DO know is:  a pop-up appeared while I was busy on the Internet, and almost absentmindedly, I clicked on the “OK” button.  Moral:  don’t be absentminded while on Internet!

What did the message convey?  My Adobe Flash needed updating.  Unhesitatingly, being glad for the reminder, I clicked on “OK.”

Does Adobe Flash need updating?  Yes, but it happens automatically and quietly, behind the scene.

So, how did I regain control?  I couldn’t, even though I found the adware culprit, “surfkeepit,” and uninstalled it from my Programs and Features on Control Panel.  Ads were popping up all over.  They were jiggling, duplicating, full of bright colors.  It was awful.  It was insidious.  It sent out crawlers in all website cookies and history, etc.  My email access was disabled.  My Mozilla Firefox was disabled.

Finally, I had to admit that solving this problem was beyond my “expertise.”  I gave in and called my “computer guru,” Gary, and asked him to come over and give me back my computer.  I was desperate!

computer repair tech

When did I get my computer back to working again?  Four and a half days later.

Happy Computer Person Again



Termite Man

Got up a little late this morning, and hurried to get the cats taken care of.  Expecting the guy from the termite control.  No, thank heavens, I don’t have that problem (others, yes); it’s just the annual checkup and annual fee.  He’s supposed to come between 9 and 11.  Got a call at 8:30 to say he wasn’t coming due to the fact that we’ve had so much rain within the last 24 hours.  Asked if he could come tomorrow at the same scheduled time.  Sure.  I checked my appointment book.  He said the subterranean termites dig deeper when the soil is too moist.  Just what I could use:  termites that dig deeper!


So, I figured I didn’t have to rush after all!  Good.

Had breakfast and got onto the computer.  The phone rings at 11:15.  It’s him (Nick) again.  He’s decided that he could come over after all, and could be over in 15 minutes.  I guess I have to rush again, because I didn’t get dressed yet!  I don’t like it when my day isn’t going as expected.  I prefer to have things go according to my schedule – that’s why I have an appointment book.  I feel more comfortable if things go according to schedule; but, life isn’t that way, as I learn over again all the time.  I’m really not that bad – with age, it gets better!


So, there he comes.  I followed him all around the perimeter of my house to see actually what his job is all about.  Very boring – digging around in the spots against the house that look a little more moist than others.  That’s it!  Good report!! 🙂  Don’t have to worry until another year.  Whew!

Good Vibes in the End

The last few days have not been the best.  Neighbors sick, neighbors dying!  I’m not kidding.  I don’t have many days when I find it difficult to smile; these last few have been that.  Who else can I talk to, but my friendly neighbors on WordPress?  Yes, this is Sunshinebright speaking.

A different type of blog, veering off a little bit from my usual.  I’m thoughtful – these types of flashes of news does that, especially at this time in my life.

So, I decided to turn to my computer and see what’s up – chose not to read or watch TV.  Finished one book; ready to start another – not in the mood to watch weddings on TLC or scientific studies of monster snakes and fish on NatGeoWild.

Found The Chicago Files’ “This Is Hockey Night In…..America.”  Cher’s description of the difference in the announcers’ methods of giving “play by play” commentating is funny – truly.  So enjoyable – and, I’m not even a hockey fan!!  Here’s the link:  http://tinyurl.com/mfjk74l

Couldn’t help laughing, Cher.  Thanks so much for your great sense of humor!!  Sunshinebright is back!



I was channel surfing this afternoon and came upon the OWN channel.  Oprah was just finishing up an interview with a spiritual woman.  The last piece of advice she gave Oprah was:  “Keep a journal and write down what made you happy today.”

I like to write, so I figured “I could do that.”  It’s a few days early to implement a New Year’s resolution, but, so what?  A good idea is good whenever, right?

I got right onto WordPress, started my blog and here I am.

The day isn’t over yet, but, there is something that made me happy today up to this point:  I downloaded a radio program onto my computer.  The sound quality is great and the “radio” is so easy to use.  It even has stereo!

I can now listen to my faves all day long!

Have a great day!!