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Rest Time: Patches

Sweet, sleeping Patches.

Pussy Cats 3

One of many of Patches' naps. One of many of Patches’ naps.

Hey, little miss one-eye, go back to sleep. Hey, little miss one-eye, go back to sleep.

I only need one eye open to take an impromptu bath. I only need one eye open to take an impromptu bath.

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This Cat Knows The Good Life!

Found this on Twitter.  Just had to post it.

Wishing everyone a New Year with a “bowl full of cherries.”  This cat is enjoying his life!

bowl full of cherries

Romeo’s Adrenaline Is Flowing

I love when they become alert. They’re gorgeous. Such personality!

Pussy Cats 3

I know when Romeo has been caught up in the moment.  His ears become alert; his body is ready to take flight.  I could almost see the adrenaline rush.

On alert.  What it that? On alert. What it that?

Must get a better look.  The top of the back of this chair should do it. Must get a better look. The top of the back of this chair should do it.

Romeo, are you going to let me know what got your attention out there? Romeo, are you going to let me know what got your attention out there?  You look disappointed that it’s gone away.

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Peacock Feather Wild

He’s a WILD ONE!!

Pussy Cats 3

Romeo is usually quite a well-mannered boy; however, show him a peacock feather, and he goes wild!!  Here’s the “proof of the pudding.”


Romeo-feather 2

Romeo-feather 3

Romeo-feather 4

Romeo-feather 5

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Eek! A Mouse!!

Our short term house guest.

Our short term house guest.

One of the blogs I follow is Reality or Bust.  I just made a comment on her blog, in answer to her post titled, “Mice..”  It occurred to me that I could use my comment as a blog in my “Memories” archive, since it brought up an event in my life – nothing too extravagant, but a memory, just the same.  I wondered if anyone else might enjoy reading about it.  So, here it is:

“Reality, I just enjoyed reading this blog so much!  Loved finding out about all your animals.  Such a variety – wow.  I can understand that having mice in your house can be a great distraction, to say the least.

I have had one event concerning mice in my life. It concerns our first cat after we moved to Hicksville.  Her name was ‘Morris’.  Yes, she turned out to be a girl, as we found out after Lloyd (my son) named her. 

Dan (my husband at the time) and I had a houseful of guests one Saturday night, and it was getting warm in the house.  So, unbeknownst to me, someone opened up the back door screen.

Morris wandered into the house, and I think she was surprised to find so many people there.  She proceeded to give us all her ‘present’ right in the middle of the living room.  A mouse!  And it was alive!  I can’t describe all the screaming that ensued!  However, the poor thing didn’t move.  It was totally frigid with fright.  And I think Morris was totally frightened, but not frigid.  She summarily picked up the mouse in her mouth, and ran outside. 

That was the first and last time Morris graced our house with a ‘gift’.”


[Image courtesy of bingdotcom]

Best Boy Ever

Today, I’m giving you all just a link.  It will take you to my other blog on which I post about my cats.  Today was a special day for Rusty.  He has the lead and Romeo has a supporting role.

Enjoy.  I hope you like all the photos also.

Spotlight on Pets

This morning I attended a meeting of the Editorial Board for my community newsletter.  Many current articles were discussed, but there was a suggestion for a new monthly article.  We need to keep our readers interested and felt the need for something new which would keep our residents’ attention.  What better way than to focus on pets?

I volunteered to be the first.  Sometimes, it’s not a good idea to volunteer, but I was happy to do it this time.  And Rusty was my choice (I have 3 cats).  And it was decided to keep it down to 50 words.  I protested.  After all, I could write a book about all the antics and sweet things that Rusty does.  How can I keep him down to only 50 words?  In answer to my protest, I was reminded that we have to keep our Tweets down to 140 spaces.  Yeah, but I’m talking about MY RUSTY!!

Well, I did it, and feel very proud that I did.  It was not easy.



Introducing Rusty!  (me) is owned by him, and he loves all the attention he receives which he so richly deserves.  He speaks, he hugs, he curls, he’s soft, he’s always happy, plays, purrs all the time.  That face is to die for-you just can’t help melting.

We Built This City Video

Came across this video on YouTube.  Just had to share it with everyone.  Little girl and her cat.  Gotta luv it!

Have a great day!!!

Sunshinebright Isn’t So Bright Today

It’s so close to New Year’s – only one more day to go.  I think it’s getting to me.  I had to think real hard to find something in my day that made me happy – something that would be worth writing about.  I came up with:

RUSTY!  My smallest cat.  He is really a special little guy.  We were cuddling on my bed and he reached out and placed his sweet, soft paw on my arm and spoke to me and looked straight into my eyes.  HEAVEN.  I can always count on him to make me feel brighter.