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Celebrating One Year Of Sunshinebright’s Blogging on WordPress

Happy Anniversary to me!!

What a nice surprise!  WordPress is full of surprises.


It’s been a great year.  I’ve learned so much; met some great writers – some fun people – and commiserated about problems with others.

All in all, a wonderful experience.  Thanks, guys!!  😀


Another WordPress Feature Learned

Inserting Sub-Headings Into My Blog

I subscribe to the “Daily Post” blog here on WordPress.

One day last week, I perused a section about changing “the default font size (and color) in a post.”  It stated, “you can use HTML in the Text Editor to adjust size and color.  One way of changing the size of font is by using the Heading tags like <h2>, and is best used to insert headings and sub-headings in your posts and pages, using the Text Editor.  (See above.)  I archived this particular Daily Post blog for future reference.

The main thrust of this section in the Daily Post was how to emphasize some text, without using bold for a whole paragraph.  It suggested instead, to use blockquotes to emphasize a passage only.  It was the mention about headings in that section, which caught my eye.

I clicked on the link relating to the headings and sub-headings and printed it out.  I followed the instructions when blogging on my Pussycats3 blog today, and was very satisfied with how it looked.  When I was in the Text Editor, on that blog, it was very easy and there were no other apparent coding inserts.  However, in the Text Editor on this blog, there were coding inserts referring to the placement (left, center, or right) of the sub-heading I wished to insert (see above sub-header).  It was easy enough to see where to place the header codes.  I’m assuming that the WordPress themes I use is the reason for the differences when Text Editor coding is used.

So, I have a feeling of accomplishment.  Having never used coding, I found it easy enough, if I have the printed codes right in front of me.

I am looking forward to experimenting with a change of color (if my theme allows) code the next time I feel like exploring.


Music May Benefit Your Brain

Listen up, all children, high-school students, collegiate people, bloggers and anyone who is interested in increasing your word generation.  This is good news for us all!

Caution:  Must love music.

Study finds improved blood flow to left side of the brain after musical training


Music May Benefit Your Brain


New research suggests that musical training may increase blood flow to the left side of the brain.

The increase in blood flow was seen with just a half hour of music training, according to the study.

“The areas of our brain that process music and language are thought to be shared, and previous research has suggested that musical training can lead to the increased use of the left hemisphere of the brain,” study author Amy Spray, with the University of Liverpool, explained in a university news release.

“It was fascinating to see that the similarities in blood flow signatures could be brought about after just half an hour of simple musical training,” said Spray, who conducted the research as part of a summer internship program.

Spray and her colleagues studied brain activity in people who took part in music and word generation tasks and who listened to music.  Blood flow patterns were the same in each task for musicians.

But, those patterns were different in non-musicians — at least until they took part in brief musical training.  Following the training, the blood flow patterns in the non-musicians changed to be similar to musicians in both musical and word generation tasks, according to the study.

The findings were presented recently at the British Psychological Society Annual conference.  In general, research presented at meetings is considered preliminary and should be interpreted with caution until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

SOURCE: University of Liverpool

Thumbing Through The Tools

I’ve been posting here on WordPress now for a little over a month, and it seems much longer than that.  OH OH.  Time out.  Rusty is here on my desk and is curling up and speaking to me.  OMG.  I’m melting!


                                            You could just melt-look at that face.You could just melt!

It’s not easy to ignore him.  Anyone with a lovable cat (yes, they can be SOOOO affectionate!), will know exactly what I’m talking about.

To get back to my blog….. as I was saying…… Blogging here on WordPress is quite an experience for anyone, and I am not excepted here.  It’s been a learning experience, for sure.

I decided to look around to see what is available, without trying to search out something in particular, like when I wanted to change my background, and change my blog address.

I found something new today:  an archive of comments!; and my blog statistics!  I answered some comments on the archive; others, I was not able to, because they were low on my screen and, when I wanted to hit a “reply” button, it was inaccessible.  There wasn’t any scroll I could use.  If anyone can give me some direction regarding these, I’d be forever in your debt (not really, but you get my drift!)