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One Answer For Two Problems

Every year, many of us complain about the increasing cost of auto insurance, and about the inconsiderate, careless, and dangerous drivers on the roads.  Well, this class I attended today and religiously every three years is designed to help with both of these problems for only $12.00 and six hours out of a day!

Now, what kind of a class is that?  It’s called “Coaching the Mature Driver.”  Of course, there’s a catch.  You need to have passed the magic number of 55!

This wonderful course is taught by special people who have had to pass a strenuous, rigorous course of classes of their own.  They have to know the laws of the State of Florida pertaining to all wheeled vehicles that use our roads!  Not only that, they have to be well versed in all the situations and ways with which drivers may be possibly presented; also, what a driver can do to avert possible problems while traveling our roads and highways.

The most emphasized thrust of today’s course was “distractions.”  Thousands die needlessly each year because people continue to divert their attention from the primary task of driving.  All distractions endanger driver, passenger, pedestrian and bystander safety.  But, texting is by far the most alarming distraction because text messaging requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention from the driver; thereby, taking attention away from the road.

Every time I have to call AT&T about my phone, internet or wireless service, one of the messages, besides what specials they are offering, is, “Don’t text and drive.”  An offshoot of the once (still) popular, “Don’t drink and drive.”  Actually, it was brought to our attention today, that the distraction of texting (and dialing and/or talking on the phone) was as distracting as being intoxicated (even after one drink – depending on a person’s alcohol threshold) by alcohol or some drug (addicting or prescribed medication).  Multi-tasking is an extreme distraction that occurs more times than you might have thought.

Multi-tasking - lipstick and phone.

Multi-tasking – lipstick and phone.


Multi-talking - phone and coffee.

Multi-talking – phone and coffee.

A distraction could also be listening to the radio, CD (or changing CD), or carrying on a conversation with someone in the vehicle.  It could be shouting at the children in the back seat, and reaching into the back for something, or to help a child who is fidgety –  things that many of us do or have done while driving, without thinking of the possible danger.

Much food for thought.

In addition to the above, we, of course, were briefed on many of the “rules of the road.”  All in all, along with a well-informed and astute instructor and the input of the attendees, and with the aid of several short, professional videos, it was a valuable time spent, in more ways than one.  (1) We refreshed our memories and learned some new ways to be responsible, safe drivers; and (2) We get a discount on our auto insurance each year for the next three years!!  Yaayy!


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