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What Happened To The Sun?

It is the rainy season here in South Florida, and many mornings are dark and void of sun.

Last week, it was raining – HARD.  A long time ago, someone once said, “This is weather that only the ducks will enjoy.”


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Another Sultry Morning In South Florida


I always look out the bedroom window to see what kind of a day it is and perhaps a sign of what kind of a day it will turn out to be.

This morning, my view was of stillness.  Not a minuscule of palm fronds shifted.  The lake was quiet – not a hint of a breeze kissed it.



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We’re in the “crazy, lazy days of summer,” here in South Florida.  The mornings are usually the same.

As I looked out of my bedroom window at the start of my day, the scene through it was the same as yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before that.

Why not share this peaceful sight?  Out came the camera.



Cactus Flowers – Before and After

This morning, I happened to go into the front guest room and looked out the window (I’m nosy at times) to see if there’s any action outside.  Going out to spend some time in the off-chance of meeting one of my neighbors is not likely at this time of year in South Florida.  We venture out just to go to the store or to meet friends or family for lunch or dinner out.

I thought my eyes caught something unusual in the landscape bed.  Looking again, yes!  Flowers were popped out of the big old cactus.  It’s more than 10 years since that had happened!!  I must take photos of that.

Grabbing my handy little camera, out I went.  The heat and humidity that greeted me was like running into a wall.  No wonder I’ve almost become a hermit lately!

The following 4 photos show the “after” photos, which I took today.


cactus 4cactus 1cactus 3cactus 2

The next 4 were taken 10 years ago.

Cactus Flower-Second One-2005-3Cactus Flower-Second One-2005-2Cactus Flower-First One-2005-2Cactus Flower-First One-2005

I wonder if this is the type of cactus that blooms every 10 years.  They are truly mysterious plants!


He Looks Boring, But He’s Not

In case you are not aware, from reading previous blogs, I live in South Florida.  My house backs up to a lake (really small – some people call it a “pond”) and we have many different tropical birds that come to grace us with their presence. They seem to rotate with the change in weather and temperature.

One in particular, appears in the Spring and is still with us into the start of Summer.  It is called a “Limpkin.” I don’t know why; he doesn’t limp, but that is his official name.  He’s an interesting one.

The Limpkin

The Limpkin

He is a loner as a rule, but once in a while, he has a like kind “friend.”

Mr. and Mrs. Limpkin

Mr. and Mrs. Limpkin

His call is a shriek that will wake you up before dawn and continue nonstop for a long while, so that you cannot fall back asleep.  He seems to know when to do his dastardly deed.  We hardly ever hear him during the day; although, he can be seen around the lake.

Mr. Limpkin, wading in the lake.

Mr. Limpkin, shrieking and wading in the lake.


At times, he will flap his large wings a few times and sail onto someone’s rooftop.

LImpkin in flight toward someone's roof.

LImpkin in flight toward someone’s roof.

He isn’t a particularly beautiful tropical bird (some would say he’s boring as tropicals go):  his feathers are colored a medium brown, and some are spotted with white; however, when flying freely, he is so graceful.

So graceful when in free flight.

So graceful when in free flight.


Closeup of spotted feathers.

Closeup of spotted feathers.

Long legs allow him to wade in the water at the edge of the lake, looking for snails.  He is perfectly suited to look for snails along the edge of the lake where there is muddy, grassy areas in which to forage.  No, he’s not a snail shell collector in one sense, but is in another:  it’s his food of choice; rather, the snail that lodges in the shell.

His favorite (only) food.

His favorite (only) food.

It’s so interesting to watch him eat his food.  He really has to work hard for it.  It only starts with finding the snails.

He has a good hold on that snail.

He has a good hold on that snail.

Once the Limpkin grabs a snail in its long beak (only large snails will do),  it brings it up onto drier soil and pounds it onto the dirt like a jackhammer,  After only a few thrusts with the drill bit, it’s reward time!

Mama Limpkin is a good teacher for her young.

Mama Limpkin is a good teacher for her young.

We (myself and my neighbors) get our reward when he decides he has had enough of this neighborhood, flies off to “greener” pastures (er, lakes), and then we can awake on our own time!


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Postal Delivery in Paradise

Living in South Florida is like living in Paradise.  I’ve read articles, watched TV commercials and TV shows, and even read posts, praising the wonders and excellent style of living one can experience if one lived in Hawaii.  It’s almost like there is a competition going on between the two.

So, I will not compete; I will just talk about my “Paradise” here in Florida, and let others rant about the differences (whatever they may be).

I, and so many other residents here (and wishful thinkers), can extol the benefits of living in the sub-tropical zone.  Let it be said that living here is more than:  colorful, exotic birds; greenery and flowers all year; lots of outdoor entertainment; swimming; sunbathing; surfing; sand and beach; patio parties; palm trees; etc.  It is essentially a wonderful style of living; one, it is said, that promotes longevity.

Of course, there is the weather.  There are hardly any days during the year when we don’t experience sun; if not all day, at least a good part of the day.  Then, there is the rain.  As of late, we have had afternoons and into the evenings and nights, when the rains came down in buckets.  Naturally, there was the accompaniment of the lightning and thunderclaps that rocked the house, and also, sometimes, cut out the electricity – sometimes momentarily; sometimes for quite a while (but rarely).  Yesterday was a particularly disturbing torrent; so much so, that I didn’t even go out to check my mailbox.

This morning was a bright, gorgeous clear blue sky with just some lovely, soft, cottony clouds.  Ideal to open the door, walk out, sniff in the clean air (ahhh), breathe out slowly, walk down the driveway and check the mailbox.

Mailbox 1

The rain did a good job.  My mailbox is so clean and WHITE!  Great.  That’s one of the benefits of living here – don’t have to clean the mailbox too often – the rain does an excellent job!  Same for the car!

So, I opened my nice, clean mailbox.

What?  That envelope doesn't look so good.

What? That envelope doesn’t look so good.

I went into the house, and got my camera.  It really was a very bad storm yesterday.  (In the meantime, I also grabbed a Sharpie to cross out my name and address.)

Ugh!  This doesn't look good.  Didn't feel too good, either.

Ugh! This doesn’t look good. Didn’t feel too good, either.

Fortunately, it was only junk mail.  What if it was really important mail?  I don’t want to go there.

Welcome to my Paradise!